Samsung Halts Galaxy Note 7 Shipments Over Quality Tests And Battery Explodes


Following the growing number of consumers pointing out that a new smartphone is exploding when charging, the company responsible for manufacturing that device will look to take prompt and decisive action. That’s what exactly happened with the Samsung and its new phablet-device Galaxy Note 7.

Yet another time the Galaxy Note 7 explodes while charging and with some mixed reviews and owners waxing lyrical about the hardware, its performance and aesthetics, and other taking to social media and official support channels to suggest that their Note 7 has attacked with fire whilst taking charge onboard.

It’s likely investigating claims that the phone’s battery may explode. If you are planning to buy a Galaxy Note 7, you might not wonder to count on getting it quickly now. Samsung for a reason delaying shipments of its latest smartphone Galaxy Note 7 as it conducts “additional tests” to verify “product quality”. Actually, it’s not saying about what it originally worried of, but there have been reports regarding the phone’s battery exploding while it charges. It seems Samsung might be checking out to see whether or not the battery fires are the result of systemic flaws, or just a handful of isolated incidents.

Those isolated number of reports given the fact that Samsung has heard about the explosive Note 7 devices and the South Korean firm has definitely took the right step to halt shipments of the hardware, at least the SK market and it could expanded to other markets as well. That including a root cause, the issue will obviously be a huge concern for the majority of hardware fans out there who have already taken the chance to purchase the Galaxy Note 7 on the back of positive reviews of the gadget.

The company hasn’t said anything on how long the delay will last. However, it understandably could hurt Samsung’s bottom line if it’s substantial. There does seem to be a common theme with the explosions, which has been reported publicly. One Galaxy Note 7 owner has reported the device spontaneously bursted into flames while under charging conditions, with the next reporting something very similar happening, while less dramatic consequences.

What exactly happened and the way they used to charge the Note 7. Owners were making the use of microUSB to USB Type-C converter while charging. It’s currently unknown if this was the official converter came with the retail box that ships with the Galaxy Note 7 or a third-party piece of kit. If that is found out, the issue can then of course be isolated and rectified.

For now the RIP. Those of you whole Note 7 is yet to burst into flames, it will be recommended to ditch the microUSB to USB Type-C converter and stick to the official USB-C charger bundled within the package till Samsung officially states its position on the damn matter.


(Source: The Korea Herald) (Top Image: Galaxy Note 7 Catches Fire)

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