This Samsung Traffic Conscious App Aims To Prevent Accidents Caused By Distracted Driving

There have been millions of incidents occurred while driving and that too when text someone or on a call. But temptation is strong and sometimes getting back to someone feels more important than anything else. So Samsung has developed a new app effectively aims at preventing accidents caused by distracted driving.

Samsung's new app will respond to messages for you when you're in the car with the app
Called In-Traffic Reply, Samsung’s in development app will automatically respond to text messages when you’re in the car or riding a bike. Essentially, the app relies on phone sensors and GPS to detect when you’re on the go and moving car or bike, will send a present reply to incoming texts.

What actually concerns more is that all we see is “Don’t Text While Driving” stickers on smartphones when we unbox them, many of us conveniently ignore such warnings while driving. Now, Samsung seems have taken the stand to prevent such into its own hands as the company is ready to launch its In-Traffic Reply app that saves users from replying to messages and phone calls while driving on the broad road.

It’s current state is that the new In-Traffic Reply app still in beta. The app automatically detects when users are on road. Users can also choose to send default responses or customized ones very easily. Currently, the Android app, which is being tested in the Netherlands, lets you choose two different types of replies right now. The default “I’m driving, so I cannot answer at the moment” responses or you can opt for a “fun” response with some sort of animation (I really hope it’s a GIF). When it launches officially, Samsung plans to allow users to create a customized canned response as well.

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Samsung’s new In-Traffic Reply beta APK version launch slated for mid-May, aims and ensure user safety by sending out automated responses to calls and messages while the owner of the phone is driving, as per the South Korean company, Samsung. The app is a bit similar to S Bike mode available on certain Samsung smartphones in India. This app gets activated automatically as soon as it detects the user is on the road driving using sensors like GPS and saves users from the trouble of looking at the screen to reply.

In-Traffic Reply Beta Download

Exactly how this app works is unclear. Samsung’s statement on the app doesn’t actually reveal how the app would distinguish between drivers and passengers, for instance, but even the relatively simple functionality could go a long way stable toward preventing texting and driving.

Traffic deaths are on the rise in the United States and across the world as though, smartphone-enabled distractions could be at least partially to blame. Yet despite this, few tech companies do anything to explicitly discourage people from using their services while they’re in the car. Only requested and take it like a pure advise to never text or make or lift a call while driving or riding a bike whether they choose to opt for this app or even otherwise. Who is responsible for a big distraction? Stay tuned for more!

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