Samsung’s New Patent Filing Reveals Palm-Scanning Feature To Remember Password Hints

After Samsung introduced iris scanning feature, Apple looked forward to implementing face scanning feature and it did with the launch of iPhone X. And Samsung is one among the best electronics firm looks to integrate many security features into its next flagships and premium mid-range phones. This time around, Samsung planning to bring palm scanning feature to display password hints and also remember them according to the patents it filed. Here are the details you need to know about.

Galaxy S9

According to Samsung’s patent, the “palm scanning” feature indeed lets users who constantly forget passwords with a hint for their secret code.

The 42-page does state in Korean that first, users should take a photo of their palm using the rear camera, in order to verify their identity. If the palm lines match with previously recorded prints, then Samsung would display a password hint scattered across the lines, so that you might be able to remember what your password is.

Samsung Palm Scanning

However, the hint doesn’t actually be displayed on the main Home screen. Rather it is scattered across the lines in a haphazard manner. Clever enough!

Samsung currently offers eye scans, facial recognition, fingerprint authentication/identification, and pattern and PIN codes, so this palm-scanning method could just be another one to add to its long list of security measures.

About the new implementation, Samsung hasn’t spoken a word on when it will ever use this technology or when it will implement. So nothing accurate at the moment.

One thing is certain that Samsung is working on its own 3D facial recognition tech to take on Apple’s iPhone X Face ID. With that said, the palm scanning is a simple piece of technology that won’t take much time, so Samsung might bring it to reality pretty soon, otherwise with the launch of Galaxy S9.

(Via: SamMobile)

Update x1: This article was updated to reflect that a user could use the rear camera to take a photo of their palm, not the front camera.

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