Samsung To Bring microSD Card Support For Dual SIM Galaxy Note 5

Rumors, just when you think you’ve seen every bad idea in smartphones – microSD card support is what we look out together and which Samsung’s next generation Note flagship is lacking, that we heard up until now. But we are still relying on word of mouth at that point, and that comes from Taiwan, suggesting that the dual-SIM Galaxy Note 5 variant of the high-end phablet offering will indeed support expandable SD card storage. This feature reportedly be implemented in the now increasingly popular way where the microSD card shares a slot with the second-SIM. Not the best solution if you actually need to use both SIM cards, but single-SIM users will be able to get the coveted memory expansion.

One possible clause is that the dual-SIM versions of flagships have been reserved to certain markets and notoriously difficult to come by elsewhere, so you may need to resort to non-official channels to acquire one. Of course, it could be a vayable option though, if you have that 128GB music collection on you at all times.

Still got no picture of the actual microSD card tray on daul SIM Samsung Galaxy Note 5 as yet, and if it had there, we would be more inclined to beileve it. The best option for now, is wait for 4 more days until the official announcement on August 13.

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