Samsung To Launch Galaxy Note 9 And S10 A Bit Early Because Of Poor S9 Sales [Report]

Samsung fans here is a good news and some bad news. Yet another report emerged claiming that Samsung is set to speed up its release schedule for new smartphones during the remainder of 2018 and into 2019 according to a note by The Korea Herald.

The latest speaks on Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 9 which will be released prior to schedule this year. It makes sense, of course, considering the fact that the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ were released a month earlier compared to Samsung’s historical Galaxy S launches. It also makes sense when considering that sales of Samsung’s current flagship phone have seemingly been much lower than Samsung and its partners had anticipated.

The news outlet claims that local part suppliers for Samsung’s next wave of flagship devices believe that Samsung is planning to announce its next big releases ahead of its planned schedule, again.

Earlier than in previous years due to what is believed to be a continued slow sales period for the existing flagship device, the Galaxy S9. While the display industry sources say that Samsung Display apparently began mass production of a new 6.38-inch OLED screen for the Galaxy Note 9 in April, two months sooner than it did for the previous Galaxy Note devices.

It seems increasingly likely that the Galaxy Note 9 will indeed launch sooner than expected, and the bad news is that it also seems likely that it’s going to be another boring update from Samsung. Although there’s a light at the end of the tunnel that’s looking brighter than ever.

This may suggest that the Galaxy Note 9 will ship as soon as August, a month sooner than the Note 8 shipped in 2017, though past Galaxy Note releases also found a home in August. But again, the Galaxy Note 9 this time around is expected to be in a similar update to Galaxy S9 and S9+.

This all comes down to the Galaxy S9’s poor sales something that may or not be accurate. And the Galaxy Note 9 will pack upgraded specs and Samsung’s impressive new SuperSpeed Dual Pixel camera, but the external design of the hardware is expected to remain largely unchanged.

The reasons why Samsung would launch the Note 9 earlier than before are unconfirmed, but industry officials assume the Galaxy S9 series phones are selling much poorer than expected, despite its early release in March.

According to the paper’s sources, Samsung also plans to release the galaxy S10 ahead of schedule, may show off during the CES event in early January 2019, with the following month’s Mobile World Congress set to be the first showing of the first foldable “Galaxy X” smartphone to come from the Korean company.

The Galaxy S10 sounds like a huge step forward for Samsung’s Galaxy S lineup. Otherwise, Samsung clearly played a big role in popularizing “phablets,” but it was hardly the first phone maker to launch an oversized smartphone.

(Source: The Korea Herald)

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