Report: Samsung Will Introduce An In-Display Fingerprint Reader With Galaxy Note 9

Samsung hasn’t announced the Galaxy Note 8 as yet, which is set to be made on August 23, but the news regarding the next-gen 2018 version of Galaxy Note has now been surfaced on the internet web, claiming that it will use an in-display fingerprint sensor with the Galaxy Note 9 later on. Here are the details.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Won't Have In-Display Fingerprint Scanner

Originally, Samsung released its Galaxy S8 smartphone earlier this year, that too a fingerprint scanner placed on the back, right next to the phone’s camera. It looks as though that placement might stick around for a while longer, based on a report from KGI Security.

Fortunately, the same KGI Security today released a new report suggesting that Samsung is going to keep the fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone, at least for now. Others reportedly claiming that Samsung is apparently ready to keep the scanner on the back of the phone through the Galaxy S9 when it’s released next year, and is aiming to introduce the under-display feature in the eventual Galaxy Note 9.

The same feature Apple has apparently dropped, and Samsung doesn’t want to rush it. While it’s an annoying location, its placement on the S8 seems to have been a last-minute makeover die to difficulties in developing an under-display fingerprint reader. And also, Samsung isn’t the only company having trouble getting this particular feature right.

There are smartphone manufacturers push towards devices with edge-to-edge screens, which they have to either move some buttons to the rear of the phone, or incorporate their functions into the screen. Yes, it’s Apple – the Cupertino-based company has long rumored to be working on an in-display fingerprint reader for the next big iPhone 8, but a recent titbit from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that the iOS device maker is going hold off, and might use a virtual button instead.

Because of that, KGI doesn’t think that Samsung will rush to introduce the technology this year with the Galaxy Note 8; but the “Galaxy S9” will have the new selling points of upgraded iris recognition and dual camera systems, Samsung has no need to risk adopting under-display optical fingerprint solution in a hurry. Stay tuned for more!

(Source: 9to5Google)

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