Samsung To Sell Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 In Select Countries [Reports]

Samsung may now reportedly getting ready to sell the discontinued Galaxy Note 7 handsets that catch fire and recalled in India and Vietnam. Here are the details.


According to the Korean outlet Hankyung, Samsung found a use for some of the circa three million Galaxy Note 7 devices, appears to gearing up to re-introduce those hardware in emerging markets such as India and Vietnam, but as refurbished ones. Actually, Samsung’s failed Galaxy Note 7 is one has an alarming tendency to explode.

Samsung appears to reduce the battery capacity on the Note 7 handsets between 3000 ~ 3200 mAh, removing the part which was identified as the root of all the Galaxy Note 7’s problem last year. Interestingly, there’s something slightly different to be expected as well.

These refurbished Note 7 is expected to carry a redesigned case, so it is entirely possible that the handset which ultimately ships out into the above mentioned markets will not look anything like the Galaxy Note 7. No clear idea whether features such as the S-Pen will also be available as part of the refurbishment.

With the exception of the battery, redesigned chassis, everything under-the-hood such as processor, amount of RAM and storage, camera, etc. is said to remain the same as before.


If the source claims become accurate, then June 2017 is the month during which the devices are expected to go on sale. Pricing is up in the air. While the phones will launch in developing markets, they will be priced as high as the original Note 7.

Selling refurbished handsets will not only save Samsung money on its bottom line but also save the planet – three million smartphones is a lot to have dispose of. Refurbishing and selling the phones will mean that it is one issue Samsung won’t have to deal with. Remember, this phone will be almost 12 months old by that point to purchase.

(Source: Hankyung [Google Translate])

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