New Gear VR And Samsung Controller Will Go On Sale April 21, Priced At $129

While the VR war between the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive seems to be getting most of the hype today, with the competition in mobile VR is a far bigger deal for most consumers. Because, you will only need a phone and a cheap headset for mobile Virtual Reality experience, rather not a powerful gaming rig and lots of spending money. As part of Samsung’s official announcement of its 2017 flagship smartphones, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ in New York City, also introduced a new Gear VR as a pioneer in the market over the past few years, but Google’s Daydream View headset came out swinging last year with the inclusion of a small motion-sensing remote.

Samsung's Gear VR headset now includes a controller

Now, Samsung is fully ready to fight back with a refined headset and mobile motion controller of its own. As aforementioned, part of its Galaxy S8 launch event, Samsung also announced that the new Gear VR will be available on April 21st for $129.

Current Gear VR owners can also grab the controller separately for $39. While the Gear VR – that was unveiled at this year’s Mobile World Congress is still far less than the $600 you’d have to shall out for the Oculus Rift or Vive. Alternatively, it’s more than the $80 price for either the previous model or the Daydream View.

A little bit in short, here’s everything about Samsung’s new Gear VR controller, which it comes integrated with ergonomic design – offers users to have better interaction. While the controller also provides a variety of motion inputs for even better VR experience with the touchpad and minimized movement for long time use with the Home, volume and back keys located on the controller.

Oculus says there will be 20 compatible titles next month, with 50 games to follow over the coming months. According to the company, it is also bringing in over Oculus Avatars to the Gear VR along with the new Home update. You’ll be able to design and dress up your avatar, and the cutomizations will also carry over to the Oculus Rift if you ever upgrade. Similarly, if you’re a Rift owner who’s already designed an avatar, should see that within the new Oculus Home experience.

Samsung might be able to justify that premium with a slightly better mobile VR experience, though the motion tracking felt fairly accurate, but mostly people struck by how it felt on their hand. It’s because of a slightly angled orientation, and your fingers naturally fall on the large trackpad on top and the trigger button on the back. When compared to Daydream View remote, the trigger on the new Gear VR controller, by the way, differentiates. Which only has a trackpad and a few buttons, nicely makes the controller more in line with the Oculus Touch and Vive gamepads, and it’s nevertheless, a big help for most VR shooting titles.

Apart that the new hardware, Oculus also updated its Oculus Home experience for the Gear VR. It now boots up much faster than before, beyond, you’re not left starting at a black screen when you put on the headset. You’ll definitely notice that Oculus Home looks much cleaner than it did in the past. To show that feature off, Oculus also added a VR web browser – it’s able to render a majority of websites with no issue. Most importantly, the website text looked great though to read within the Gear VR.

This is what Samsung’s new Gear VR is and its controller works, which will be compatible for Galaxy S8, S8+, Galaxy S7/7S Edge, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge+, S6 and S6 Edge. Stay tuned for more!

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