Samsung’s Next Gear VR Headset Might Include A Dedicated Wireless Controller

Samsung is all-set to unveil a new Gear VR headset next month that could come with a dedicated wireless controller like Google’s Daydream View, specifically designed to work with the upcoming Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus. Here are the details you need to know ahead of official announcement.


According to the popular tipster and editor at WinFuture, Roland Quandit says that Samsung is working on the SM-R234 Gear Virtual Reality headset which will feature a new front cover to house the Galaxy S8. The next generation Gear VR might add something we’ve wanted for years; a handheld controller.

SamMobile pointed to a couple of hints that suggests a dedicated controller of some sort might be coming, as including a tweet from the above mentioned source and an FCC filing also spotted. With that mix, a device of such could replace the built-in trackpad that’s been on the Gear VR since its first launch in 2014.

Roland also added that the Samsung’s next Gear VR headset will also be iterated with a “single hand controller.” This same report also mingles with that stated in May as Samsung working on a VR controller, which would be as same as Google’s Daydream View virtual reality headset with a wireless controller that makes it easy to access games, multimedia playback and much more.


When speaking about Controllers for VR headsets, it will save the trouble for users to reach for the touchpad on the accessory. Additionally, a separate filing also corroborates with the report as a dedicated remote controller is in fact in production. The FCC filing also refers to the device simply as a “Gear VR Controller”.

To be clear and fair, it actually doesn’t mean Samsung is releasing something that looks like a ball on a stick – rather if it’s releasing a controller soon at all. The general shape would fit with a pointing device like Daydream controller, which uses internal sensors for limited motion tracking. It’s also doesn’t look much like the larger two-handed controller render that leaked last year, as it was an old concept rather than a future product.


Several Gear VR games currently require a non-included, third-party game controller, and it would be unusual for a one-handed device to attach the same number of inputs. If Samsung improves the interface with its next headset, it’s possible some developers might meet it halfway – which would make the entire package a lot more user-friendly. Now what?

(Source: WinFuture)

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