Samsung’s Patent Shows Up Smartwatch With a Second Screen On Rotary Dial

Samsung smartwatch is what many out there familiar with, but according to a recently published patent filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USTPO) reveals that Samsung is exploring its smartwatch design with a second screen on rotary dial now. Images in the patent filing appears to say that Samsung may be planning to add a secondary display to the new smartwatch body by wrapping the screen around the case of the device. If Samsung commercializes this idea, we could eventually see a future Gear smartwatch with a screen that wraps around the body of the wrist wearable designed to provide quick access to information. Here are the details.


If this new report is anything to believe, then, Samsung wants to make a smartwatch more interesting in the near future. Or may be unveil at March 29 Unpacked event. While patent and its applications are quite futuristic and usually don’t make it to the commercial market, though they do give a fair dose about the possibilities a company is exploring. Patent from Samsung, however, is definitely worth talking about now.

The company has patented a rotary display for a smartwatch that would act as a secondary display to show weather updates and time & date among others. To activate the second display on Samsung’s smartwatch, you’ll need to rotate the digital bezel. On the Gear S3, the smartwatch’s bezel is used to scroll through the user interface (UI) without having to touch the display on the smartwatch. The secondary screen on the Samsung’s next smartwatch could be pretty useful in locating basic info, such as the current forecast or stock prices, without having to launch specific apps or scroll through screens of widgets. However, the patent filing did not disclose whether this secondary display can be switched to an Always-On mode and how the screen could impact battery life.

It will be an illuminated display that allowing users to have the info at a quick glance, though Samsung’s proposed rotary display doesn’t rotate 360 degrees, instead can do so up to 90-degrees. The second display is made up to two components, but again, Samsung does not really explain their purpose. This is what Samsung’s patent reveals:

“A smartwatch comprising: a body portion having an upper surface and a side surface adjacent to the upper surface; a front display panel disposed over the upper surface of the body portion and comprising a round edge when viewed from a front direction; a side display panel disposed over the side surface of the body portion and curved to surround the edge when viewed from the front direction; a driver circuit board disposed over the side surface of the body portion, wherein the driver circuit board comprises a first pad area adjacent to the front display panel and a second pad area facing an end of the side display panel; a first conductive film configured to connect the first pad area and the front display panel; and a second conductive film configured to connect the second pad area and an end of the side display panel.”

Samsung is no stranger in thinking different attitude to creating devices with secondary displays. The South Koream company had initially played with this idea with its Samsung Galaxy S Continuum smartphone, a Verizon Wireless exclusive, available in the U.S. That phone came with a smaller secondary display that was located just below the main screen. Not only with Continuum, Samsung also launched its Galaxy Note Edge, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, and the current Galaxy S7 Edge. Unlike the Galaxy S Continuum, the above mentioned devices features a curved flexible display where the curved edge partition of the screen can be turned on independently of the main display to show various info.


For now, this is it and it’s still unclear whether the second screen could be on a relatively small smartwatch is acceptable, especially considering that Samsung’s currently available Gear S3 models already supports an always-on display to show up the current time, while there widgets provide users with access to health related, music controls, news, and a number of other information and functionalities without the need to launch dedicated apps. Stay tuned for more!

(Source: PatentlyApple)

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