Samsung’s Transparent OLED Displays Can Be Mirrored To A Window Or A TV

Samsung debuts transparent and mirrored OLED display for commercial usage, which can be a mirror for a window or a Television. Unveiled in an exhibition at the Hong Kong Convention Centre. Here’s everything you got to know about Samsung’s mirrored OLED screens. Forget 4K Ultra HD TV for now, because Samsung todya kicked off a line of transparent and mirrored OLED displays that it intends to sell to retail stores before bringing them into our living rooms sone day down the way.

However at the Hong Kong Retail Asia Expo 2015, the Korean firm showed off these new panels and some interesting new technology from Canon, Sony and Samsung itself. Said the displays could be used to make the “consumer purchasing experience more visually engaging.”

It look like Samsung goes wild with sci-fi, by all means, admire the potential in these futuristic displays. With 55-inch transparent and mirrored OLED displays, Samsung this week turned with the introduction of new technology. Although this tech is not more new anymore. Transpartent screens have been popping up at trade shows this year, and rival LG has its own 55″ mirrored OLED prototype, but when compared with Samsung’s hardware, which is a bit more advanced than past efforts.

The new Samsung panels come integrated with Intel Real Sense that will enable gesture-based control via a built-in camera. Samsung indeed plans to roll these panels of the future out to retailers first, creating a “visually compelling, interactive closet,” nevertheless could come to our homes after its commercial trail run.

The transparent display, for instance, is the largest of any see-through OLED that was likely manufactured by Samsung from Planar. It has a wider color gamut, higher transittance, and wide viewing angles than transparent LCDs. For mirror display, Samsung says it has much high-resolution (reflectance) level than mirror LCDs, and in fact it doesn’t require ambient backlighting.

No word on transparent OLED display availability as yet, but it’s possible that Samsung could offer very limited quantities of these panels to the digital signage and retail markets. Mirrored displays could let people try on virtual clothing and view additional information on the screen.


Press release on Samsung’s press site detailed some pretty impressive specs:

“Samsung Display’s Mirror OLED display panel … delivers at least 50 percent higher reflectance than competitive Mirror LCDs now in limited availability and a much improved color gamut (over 100 percent vs. around 70 percent of NTSC), as well as an exceptionally high contrast ratio (over 100,000:1 vs. 4,000:1) and a much faster response time (under 1ms vs. 8ms) than LCD transparent panels.

“Compared to conventional LCD alternatives for today’s digital signage market, Samsung Display’s Full HD Transparent OLED display panel has a substantially higher color gamut (100 percent vs. around 70 percent of NTSC), sharply increased transmittance (45 percent vs. around 10 percent), and better clarity through a wider range of viewing angles. It features a transparency level of over 40 percent, much higher than the 10 percent level of today’s transparent LCD displays.”

For better image quality, gaming response time and a snazzy reflective surface, you aren’t going to wait anymore. Samsung specifically mentions using Intel’s RealSense cameras to take measurements as shoppers model for the mirror.

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