Screenshot Of Cydia Alternative Shows Off Sileo’s New Safe Mode

Indeed, there is a lot going on in the jailbreak community right now, and most of it is coming out of the folks behind Electra, the hottest jailbreak software around us right now.

Capable of jailbreaking even iOS 11.4 in some beta forms, the Electra team are also working on something to replace Cydia and some of the legacy apps and tweaks that we have been using ever since jailbreaking first started to take hold of a community that continues to thrive.

Recently, we only know how the Electra team is building Sileo, a new jailbreak app store that will become an alternative to Cydia on jailbroken devices and now we have more details on another addition – a new safe mode.

Currently, at the far moment, we are actually unknown yet on what and how the new safe mode will work, but the folks working on it have been sharing screenshots of how that safe mode will be presented to users as and when it has a need to kick in. What actually it does remind its users to launch Sileo and uninstall any recently installed tweaks if the issue persists. That can be only one reason and the key point for anyone whose device has become unstable after installing or configuring a tweak that, for whatever kind, simply is not playing ball with their iPhone or iPad.

Safe Mode in Windows PC is particularly used when you have errors, sudden shutdowns to clear. And once Sileo launches with the Safe Mode on a device with issues, would normally cause the device to either restart or enter a state that would otherwise be problematic. This may give users the best chance to recover the situation rather than have a device that simply continues to restart itself at will.

Witness Cydia alternative Sileo's new safe mode in screenshot now.

No idea on when this new Safe Mode will be fully ready for prime time, but at the rate the Electra team is iterating, we wouldn’t expect it to be too far away. Stay tuned for more updates!

(Source: CoolStar [Twitter])

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