Apple Told A Widow To Get Court Order To Secure Dead Husband’s Password

What actually makes sence when we talk about this widow, who wanted her deseased husband’s Apple ID password when requested, Apple in reply told her to get a court order in order to secure your dead husband’s password. For her it was easy to get the pension payments transferred and other benefits as well, but today’s news circulating about her late husbands Apple ID, was a lot more dificult.

Why that she, the 72-year old Peggy Bush really wanted to do with her dead husband’s iPad? Simply wanted to play card games and realized it had an Apple ID password locked. Thought that she-d have to¬† do is contact Apple, provide a copy of his death certificate and will, and the password would be handed over. But it didn’t happened like that.

She said that is how it seemed when here daughter Donna called Apple, and later when she provided the iPad’s serial number, and the paperwork concerning her husband’s death, Bush still says Apple wouldn’t shift.

I finally got someone who said, ‘You need a court order.’ I was just completely flummoxed. What do you mean a court order? I said that was ridiculous, because we’ve been able to transfer the title of the house, we’ve been able to transfer the car, all these things just using a notarized death certificate and the will,” Donna Bush told CBC.

While Apple didn’t immediately reply to the request for comment, though. According to CBC, it has contacted Apple – the company called the Bushes offering to sort out the problem. And said there was a misunderstanding and offered help without a court order.

After reading this story it seems like Apple really does take care of your privacy very seriously and the time will decide how Peggy Bush will get a court order and secure her dead husband’s iPad Apple ID password.

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