Google’s My Account Will Now Help You Find Your Lost Or Stolen Handsets

Google has updated its My Account service. From now onwards this service will allow account users to take control over the settings, related to their privacy and data. Google’s My Account includes new feature that helps you find your lost or stolen phones.

There are almost one billion subscribers around the world using My Account alternative. Google has on account of the anniversary has added new inclusions to the My Account service along side the ‘Find your phone’, which literally help user if their phone is ever lost of stolen. Users will soon be able to access the feature by searching Google for “I lost my phone”. Using Find My Phone, users will be far able to locate their gadget, lock it remotely, call it, secure their accounts, leave a callback number on its screen, and can do more than enough.

Google has made available My Account feature for Android already and it can be used on iOS devices as well. Additionally, it offers a tool for calling, signing out of Google services remotely to reduce the risk factor of a potential hack. The feature also includes suggestions on how to reach out to your carrier.

Eralier daya, Android users accessed the Android Device Manager to locate the lost or stolen phones, ring, or remotely wipe their data from the web. Finally, this feature is somewhat similar to the likes of Apple’s “Find My iPhone/iPad.”

In addition to that, users can use voice commands to access My Account. For that you will need to simply say “Ok Google”, show my Google account. That’s it! This feature is currently available only in English, with the said, other languages are coming soon. As per Google, users will be able to find the site just by searching Google for your own name in the future.

Learn more on how Google’s My Account help you find your lost or stolen phones in a better manner, here at – Celebrating My Accounts first birthday.

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