This iOS App For Apple Watch Buzzes Your Wrist When You Leave Your iPhone Behind

Lookout! Mobile security app has received quite the update recently, bringing with it an Apple Watch app that could actually be the killer companion app for Apple’s smartwatch for the time being.

Released as part of a free update to Lookout, this iOS app’s new and improved capabilities gain Apple Watch support in a way that, to our knowledge, isn’t already available in another app. What’s more interesting to find inside LookOut’s app is here that can keep track of the iPhone to which the Apple Watch is paired, making the timepiece much, much more difficult for the user to leave that iPhone behind somewhere and much easier to discover the iPhone in the event that it is misplaced.


Hitting straight of the bat, the new Lookout app will now show users a visual representation of how close or how far away from the misplaced iPhone, thanks to the magical Blueooth sensor. Furthermore, Lookout will also alert a user when they leave their iPhone hardware behind, too, so they won’t have to go back somewhere to search for their smartphone. Clever!

This is why the Lookout Appole Watch app is so popular that make the iPhone “scream” in order to make it possible to find it again. From now onwards, a user won’t be missing their iPhone with Lookout app installed on their Apple Watch for many reasons. Assuming both devices are still on the same Wi-Fi connection regardless of Bluetooth status. If and if that’s no use, then the device’s last known GPS location tracking enables to display it via the Apple Watch app, again making it much more easier to try, find, and locate a device that you, say, managed to leave on a train.

To take advantage of Lookout’s new features will need to make sure they have the latest, updated version of the app from the App Store and then have the Apple Watch app installed as well. It’s free and more security-centric application that, there’s no reason not to make your iPhone a little safer today. Isn’t it?


(Download: Lookout for iOS and watchOS on the App Store)

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