WhatsApp For Android Phones Working On End-To-End Encryption Feature

Many WhatsApp users want encryption for ther conversations and the Facebook-onwed instant messaging app has been rumored for a while to fulfill those representations. Thanks to the newly leaked image, showing a beta version of the WhatsApp app with details that the end-to-end encryption feature is really in the works, and alloted for its IM on the Android platform.

Spotted by a Google+ users, who was able to find out the security settings in his Beta version 2.12.413 of WhatsApp root access. It’s indeed expected to be rolled out very soon, officially on non-rooted smartphones.

However, the settings screen on the WhatsApp v2.12.413 states that all mesages are encrypted by default, so users can choose to enable security indicators for cahts and making calls to verify the information that they wanted to be protected. It seems likely that WhatsApp and third-party applications aren’t be able to see the encrypted information you send across.

Currently, we got nothing about the release of when WhatsApp end-to-end encryption for Android phones will be rolling out to public. Soon it be faster enough. Stay tuned!

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