How To Send WhatsApp Message Without Saving Contact Using iOS 12 Siri Shortcuts

Obviously, you might be a big WhatsApp fan, and its instant messaging service in certain parts of the world. Although it does have one minor issue in the fact that you cannot decline, or normally send messages to phone numbers without them first being added to your contacts.

Well, that can be a real pain if you just need to send messages quickly to someone you’re selling something to, or even looking to buy their products. Otherwise it could be painful when leaving your contacts full of random people. Thankfully, this all can now be avoided following a relatively simple trick (Shortcut).

What to do?

In order to use it, you’ll need to be using iOS 12 and have downloaded the Shortcuts app. There are different ways to grab the Shortcuts app, you can do so, download Shortcuts via iCloud, too.

Once that’s done, you’ll now have a new Shortcuts that can be run whenever you want. So, the Shortcut will check your clipboard to see if a phone number exists whenever you do. If it does, the Shortcut will use that as the recipient’s number but if no number is found, it will prompt you to enter one.

Once it’s done, the Shortcut will create a new WhatsApp message with that number as the recipient. Super simple, and slick.

By default, the Shortcut has the country code set to 65, so remember to change that to your local code when you download it but beyond that, there’s no input from you needed in order to get this up and running.

This could be a great example of one to see what Shortcuts people come up with and that doesn’t need to be super complicated in order to do something awesome.

Try it out and give your compliment to Apple for giving a better opportunity to using Shortcuts app in iOS 12.

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