Set Of iPhone 8 Renders Show Off The Rumored Function Area

Just days ago CEO Tim Cook at Apple’s earnings call said iPhone 8 leaks and speculations are very much hurting iPhone sales, but we are now seeing yet another set of concept renders, nevertheless with a unique focal point.

The newly arrived imaging particularly focuses on the potential virtual function area of the device, rather than revealing the entire device experience, but showing how it could look and work.

From some pros and cons, we can expect something new. With iPhone 8 rumored to have a nearly bezel-less design, the belief is that Apple will make the best use of the new found space by introducing a function area at the bottom of the display allowing users to perform a variety of tasks from a small virtual control panel of sorts.

Analysts and industry insiders alike on iPhone expect this area to be used in a similar fashion to Touch Bar on MacBook Pro by bringing dynamic buttons and options to the user.

For instance, when a user is within Music app, the said function area could eventually show media controls relating to that specific experience. When that app is exited and the Messages app is brought to the scene, the belief is that the function area use case will dynamically change by adding options such as reply or other message related buttons. And, furthermore the exciting and largely known area that today’s renders have chosen to focus on.

The render affirm to be based on previous exposure, such as schematics and dimensional diagrams, but they do also show an active in-screen Touch ID option in the function area.

Currently, there’s still well and truly outing on whether or not Touch ID will be front or rear mounted. But the fact that this has been created based on leaks would suggest that it may or may not have any real semblance of reality when iPhone 8 is actually released later this year. After all, it’s still entertaining to view just how some people imagine the hardware/software experience to be.

If Apple decided to introduce something similar to this fancied function area, would you be happy with that design, or do you think it would be too gimmicky for a serious device like iPhone? Answer awaiting!

You can check out all the renders from the source link below.

(Source: iDrop News)


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