Download: ShowBox For Android Is A Free Movies And TV-Shows Streaming App

Features of the latest Showbox APK FILE

Showbox is an app that’s based on entertainment offers the Android users free access to the largest collection of movies and unlimited streaming for free TV shows. Today, the Android market is backed up with tons of free entertainment apps and the app which we are recommending is well considered to be one of the best Android apps to watch free online movies and TV shows, that too in higher resolution display.

As Showbox app is not available on Google Play Store or any other third-party app market relative to Android. So, Android users will need to sideload Showbox to the device that typically associates the media file transfer to a mobile device via USB, Bluetooth or WiFi or by installing an application package in APK format to the device. There’s are still several other portals who offer APKs to download and the data files as well.


The Showbox APK file has seen plenty of updates and the latest for Android is the version 4.82. Once downloaded and installed on your device, Showbox allows you stream music, movies and TV shows legally and you can use Showbox app on your device without any hassle.

Safe to get it installed on your Android, Showbox app is here to stream or download free movies and TV shows on your mobile. Unlike most other alternatives, Showbox is a great trend of Android app that has taken over the Internet web.

Showbox for Android is an everlasting app to spend jovial time with fun and entertainment by accessing the biggest collection of the online movies and renowned TV episodes at finger tips. Using it on their devices, one can find any multimedia item with ease and comfort. There’s still a large part of the films restored and are available for viewing.

This Showbox app has no lines of extension choices. Movies in which can be viewed and downloadable without any issues. For Android, Showbox app is packed with a huge collection of movies with miscellaneous genres that includes Classical, Action, Comedy and much more. As of TV shows, the team behind the Android app, Showbox are in work in restoring all the TV shows, and also in works in restoring all the films.


In order to play a movie or get the live streaming of an episode of that TV show, users may refer to the menu bar at the top of the app. Selecting the required movie content, users may access the desired series where they can opt to whether download it or watch it live online. Users can even also select different qualities of the video they wish to watch online.

Additionally, Showbox app can also be downloaded not only to your phone or tablet, but can also be able to download it on your Windows PC or Mac system.

Download Showbox App for Android APK from here.

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