Showtime Launches On Apple TV Without A Cable Subscription For $10.99 per Month

Apple TV owners here’s a good news for you that a new self-titled standalone streaming service is here, helps you rest yourself, sit back and enjoy all of the shows like Ray Donovan, Homeland, and Penny Dreadfull offer without having to pay for an expensive monthly cable television service. Previously available as “Showtime Anytime’ on Apple TV for those with a cable TV subscription, CBS has now turned on the switch and brought an all new ‘Showtime’ app to ATV (Cupertino’s set-top box), this time allowing users to access the streaming service for a monthly fee with no cable subscription required. Great to treat?

Showtime’s launch today comes just ahead of the previously-announced July 12 release date timeframe for the standalone service. In addition to offering the streaming service with immediate availability via Apple TV, CBS will also be working to offer the exact same service to other outlets in the future for a very reasonable $10.99 per month, and everyone can sign up for a 30-day free trial to test the experience before subscribing. The service will cost users a few dollars less than HBO Now’s $15 streaming cost, which debuted exclusively on Apple TV earlier in the Spring.

It's Showtime on Apple TV Now without any Cable subscription
One benefit that Showtime seems to have over HBO NOW is the price. Sign up for a free, thirty-days trial before actually parting with their $10.99 a month to continue accessing the content is no obligation. And both the Showtime and HBO Now serve up TV shows and other content on-demand, with a 30-day trial period, Showtime costs $10.00 vs. compared to HBO Now’s $14.99 per month.

Not having Apple TV already, or no plans to bring the technology arsenal in the near future, then no worry, Showtime will also be releasing an official iOS app that will be accessible via the App Store in the near future. Owners of a Roku set-top box, or Sony’s Vue service will also be able to access this new, no cable Showtime service, very soon. Those interested should be start seeing the Showtime app on the Apple TV shortly.

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