Microsoft Edge Browser For iOS And Android Is Up To Grab, Here’s Everything

You can now download Microsoft Edge browser built exclusively for Windows 10, has received an iOS and Android app install as well. It’s no secret that the tech giant has all but given up on building its own mobile ecosystem, is still working on the mobile version of Windows 10. And bring its applications to the likes of Android and iOS. That’s exactly what happened today, Microsoft has announced that its Edge browser (successor to Internet Explorer) will soon come to iOS and Android mobile operating systems.

The company was doing it for the last five years and today the same company has released its Edge browser for iOS to beta testers, meaning owners of iPhones can now use the same Microsoft’s browser across their desktop and mobile devices, assuming they use Edge on the desktop of course.

Microsoft not only play in the mobile OS and hardware space anymore, it still needs to have a presence on rival platforms if it doesn’t want to risk losing its relevancy on the desktop. Dominated by Google and its Chrome browser, Microsoft’s Edge server will help the company to fight and become a big competitor.

Alongside, Edge browser, Microsoft is also graduating its Arrow Launcher for Android and renaming it to Microsoft Launcher. Edge and Microsoft Launcher are both key to this strategy because they’ll help the company extend the Microsoft Graph even further. The Graph is Microsoft’s cross-platform system for allowing you to sync the state o your hard work and documents across devices and the company sees it as key factor to the future of Windows.

Now that the new iOS and Android version of Edge tries to fill the gap in Microsoft’s agenda that left mobile users without a Microsoft-developed web browser unless they are using Windows phone which, even Microsoft will admit, is not at all a lot of people.

The key amendment behind Microsoft Edge is its “Continue on PC” functionality which allows users to read a web page on their iPhone and then move across to a Windows 10 machine and continue reading. Whoa! When it comes to entering data into a web page where a good old fashioned hardware keyboard can be of use. It also means that if anyone comes across a web page which does not play well with a mobile browser, the desktop is always at hand.

Sign Up To Get Microsoft Edge First

In order to get the Microsoft Edge browser onto your iOS or Android running phones, you will need to first sign up. Worry not, even its being Microsoft, many have thought that Edge would support Bing and Bing alone. But the good news is Google can also be used as the search engine of choice. It’s not that great news though, because while things like Reading Lists and Favorites will sync without issue, tabs do not.

It’s no surprise then that this new version of Edge promises to make it easier with easy syncing of your browser sessions and other features. For now, though, Edge for iOS and Android remain previews that you can sign up for here.

The Android version of Edge browser will be available as a beta in the Google Play Store (Microsoft Edge APK) soon. The iOS version of it will be made available through Testflight in the near future, too.

As said, Microsoft is releasing the iOS Edge browser for iPhone as part of Apple’s TestFlight program today. With iPad version coming later, and those who use Android can look forward to Edge appearing via Google’s own testing platform as part of the Play Store soon.

Microsoft Edge iOS and Android Browser

Note: It’s worth mentioning that Microsoft won’t bring its own rendering engine to these platforms. Instead, it’ll rely on WebKit on iOS and the Blink engine on Android (and not the Android WebView control), meaning that Microsoft is now actually shipping its own version of the Blink engine inside its app.

As for the launcher, it’s actually a quite capable Android launcher that nicely integrates with all the goodness of the Google apps you probably use every day (calendar, Gmail etc.). Microsoft’s version of the Google Feed, that left-most Home screen on your Android device, is useful otherwise, and puts your calendar and other info front and center, whereas Google now uses it for a general news feed.

This is an absolute edge to Windows Insiders for now, meaning you will have to be running latest Windows 10 version seeded to Insiders in order to sign up for it. And those should also be using Edge browser on Windows 10 by means. If all the requirement are met, head over to to sign up and grab the beta. Microsoft hopes to have Edge ready for everyone by the end of the year, 2017.

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