Singtel’s 10Gbps Fibre Broadband Service For Residential Customers Coming

Announced by Singtel that it will officially be offering Singapore’s foremost 10Gbps fibre broadband services to residential customers later this month. Although the Singtels 10 gigabytes Internet services was piloted for a sectect group of consumers last year and it uses next-generation 10 Gigabit Passive Optical Network (10GPON), and side ways also includes four 1Gbps ports to bring multi-user environments such as Home, Offices and large households.


At the announcement of 10Gbps fibre broadband service, Goh Seow Eng, managing Director of Home and Consumer Singapore of Signtel said:

We made a commitment to our customers to bring them the best network innovations, the very latest technologies for work and play. We recognise that residential customers are using greater bandwidth and requiring faster speeds for their online activities. Our 10Gbps Fibre Home Bundle will offer households the fastest fibre broadband experience in Singapore.

It is priced at S$189 which transaltes to US$ 132 or INR 9,000 approximately per month with a 24-month contract. That cost you for a 10G Optical Network Router (ONR) and Wireless Dual-Band AC router. Unlimited? No it the price for 10Gbps limited plan and also has a complimentary offer of WiFi Mesh Dual Perk worth S$24 that expands home broardband network’s wireless coverage range, eliminating Wi-Fi dead spots within your home.

The company also said;

Using the 10Gbps connection, a 2-hour Full HD movie can be downloaded within 90 seconds while a 2-hour 4K movie can be downloaded in 6 minutes using a 10Gbps connection

When Singtel will be rolling out the 10Gbps fibre broadband services for residential purposes is still unknown at the moment. But expected very soon, later this month. Stay tuned!

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