Siri To Get Brand New Voice At WWDC 2018 Keynote

With WWDC 2018 keynote event just around the corner, Apple’s personal assistant Siri has started teasing which had potentially dropped hints at some of its major upcoming changes. For instance, when you ask Siri about WWDC, it responds with “La, la, la, Siri is getting a brand new voice!” which fairly points to the digital assistant getting a new voice after all.

It seems like Siri has revealed plans for Apple to give the assistant a “brand new voice,” most likely to debut as part of its iOS 12 release along with newer versions of watchOS 5, tvOS 12 and macOS 10.14. As always Siri will most likely gain new capabilities, and many speculate Siri’s functions on HomePod will dramatically evolve from the limited functionality available now.

The current Siri voice assistant sound robotic so it’s possible that we will see Apple unveil a new voice for Siri at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference that sounds less robotic and more human-like.

Siri has also dropped hints at its getting a “shiny new Home! Well, not really shiny though, more meshy and matte…” This perhaps points to Apple unveiling a cheaper HomePod at WDDC 2018. Rumors already spread around saying a $199 HomePod from Apple being in the work. There are no concrete leaks on that front as yet, but was a sticky rumor over the weekend which claimed that Apple was working on a $199 HomePod under the Beats brand.

Siri continues to tease some improvements for it at the upcoming WWDC event on Monday, June 4. When you ask Siri about it “Tell me about WWDC.” Another reply from Siri points to the digital assistant getting “a lot smarter” thanks to “all that late night studying” it has been doing.

Of course, Apple used Siri to tease upcoming new announcements at WWDC in the past, and it’s doing the same this time too. It does look like that apart from focusing on performance and stability, Apple will go making major improvements to Siri in iOS 12. Considering how much ahead Google’s Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa are compared to Siri at this point. This was more of a necessity from Apple’s part. What do you say?

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