Skype Group Video Calling For iOS, Android, Windows 10 Mobile Introduced

Skype users all over the world have been requesting free group video calling for 10 years and already Windows desktop, Mac and Xbox One users were able to use the feature at no extra cost. The company is now rolling out the similar free group video calling to its mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android ad Windows 10 Mobile.


Starting with a basic video chat solution, Skype grown to a versatile cumminication suite in the past decade. The service has althougfh finds itself integrated with Microsoft’s and Xbox, allows collaboration on Office documents and comes sporting video messaging, real-time translation for both speech and instant messages, and finally, last but not least, group video calling.

Skype’s PC, OS X and Xbox group video calling apps are available to download for a while now, but only became live for free in April of 2014, with the feature previously restricted to premium accounts. Similar feature on mobile platform will, no doubt, be free from the get go.

Despite the introduction of several, now most popular, cross-platform competitors the likes of Tango and Viber, Skype still remains one of the farly downloaded video calling apps around. Amongst the most popular free apps on both Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store to bet. The company claims almost atwo trillion minutes of free Skype video calls have been made by users from all over the world from the past decade count. Dwnloads of Skype’s Mobile apps have done by over 750 million users since they were launched in 2006.

Free group video calling will gradually be rolled out to Skype mobile users in the coming weeks, but a sneak peek of features can be had in the next few days. Users can pre-register for the new Skype feature by providing an email address along with their Skype name over at Fill the form completely and submit to Skype log, you’ll be promised a response from the team and you’ll be ready to taste the next feature “in the coming days.”

Competitors like Facebook’s WhatsApp rumored to be working on video calling while other popular and best solutions from the genre slowly catch up to the video calling giant, it is smart for Skype to up its video chat game very fast. Also check details on:

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