Sling TV Finally Has Over 600,000 Subscribers To Watch Its Dish Network Channels

Sling TV is one of those Internet TV service launched just one year ago and only cost you around $20 per month to watch its best channels. The Dish’s internet TV service, Sling TV is reportedly seeing a steady growth according to the numbers published by The Wall Street Journal. Now that, there are currently over 600,000 monthly subscribers, as per the people who briefed on the number, revealed them to Journal. Back in November 2015, it had 394,000 customers paying US$ 20 per month for Sling TV channels including ESPN, Disney Channel, AMC, TNT, TBS, CNN,etc. And to reach the target, Sling TV also added more paid add-on packages to its dish network, each offering channels and continues to telecast and allowing users subscribe to HBO and Cinemax.

Compared with traditional cable, Sling’s inexpensive watch-on-any-device skinny bundle ws actually designed to appeal to millennials and consumers who were so far resisted bringing Comcast, Time Warner Cable, or Dish itself into their homes. What made Sling TV best selling point? Access to ESPN has seen the products and of course the sports network seems happy with the new viewers it’s bringing in. ESPN is the driver of that package and that product has brought in new audiance to the pay television universe.

We have learned that the vast majority of Sling TV subscribers are incremental and the network plans to roll out an updated, far leeker, and more intuitive user interface, which by far going toadd ESPN3 to the core channel pack, will debut on Set-top boxes before moving to mobile devices.

As of now, Sling TV hasn’t yet confirmed the subscription figures reported by the source. Although it has a big rivarly of other web TV competition, where Apple has reportedly put its plans for a streaming video service on indefinite hold, and Sony’s PlayStation Vue has also seen a much slower roll out since it also offers local networks like Fox, NBC, CBS, and ABS. Comcast is moving forward to attract cord cutters with internet-only TV, and ESPN’s Skpper tipped that other services are likely to introduce themselves this calendar year. Think about Sling TV? Start now!

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