Slingbox Launches M2 Set-Top Box With Free Mobile Apps, Here’s Every Detail You Need To Know

The company behind the popular set-top box, Slingbox allowed the streaming of content from a home cable connection to another device via Internet, has introduced a new device which doubles-down on streaming cable, the Slingbox M2. Replacing the M1 that arrived last year, the new re-invented M2 variant will cost buyers $199, and will likely appeal to those who really want to stream live telivision from their home cable boxes, through the Internet pumping to prhaps a mobile device or Smart TV.

No subscription is required, the Slingbox is one best alternative to streaming services such as those offered by cable companies and content makers, and effectively allows anything received by a cable box to be pumped back out over the Internet. Unlike Hathway in India, provides the similar equation of Slingbox M2, but with no issues with balckouts or gaps in programming, allows cable subscribers to watch their content whenever they are without fear of licensing craziness getting in the way.

Slingbox M2 Set-Top Box For “Cord-Stretchers" Debuts
However, the Slingbox faces a number of competitors in the new streaming landscape. Currently, the pay TV providers themselves are beginning to roll out their own solutions for this sort of cross-platform viewing activity, such as TV networks offer their own on-demand apps; a number of television viewers are either augmenting pay TV with streaming services or simply cutting the cord in favor of watching via Netflix, Amazon and Hulu instead.

Choosing the Slingbox M2 rather than the M1, the differences is fairly minor and they won’t need to purchase the $15 streaming apps for each device in order to watch content beamed out from their Slingbox as the apps will be provided for all platforms for free. It may be around $50 more expensive than the M1 that it is replacing though, so it’s fair to say not all good news, especially if you already plumped up the money for the apps.

Biggest advantage is that Slingbox M2 offers pay TV customers a way to watch sports or other live events over the Internet. In order to make those apps free Slingbox will be asking users to watch short ads before the content is streamed, though a flat fee of $15 will get you out of the ads completely, that we won’t prefer.

Nevertheless, the Slingbox M2 comes equipped with WiFi connectivity should the Ethernet port not suit your set up, as well as support for 1080p video. Users of both M1 and M2 will also be able to stream to other devices such as an Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku or Amazon Fire TV.

As aforementioned, the Slingbox M2 is a little pricier than the M1, which was available for $150. Sling Media says the suggested retail price for the M2 is $199.99. The new M2 no longer requires users to pay for the Slingplayer app on each device they use – those downloads used to cost $15 apiece.

You can buy Slingbox M2 from either the official website on or a third-party retailer like Best Buy and Amazon.

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