What Are Best Selling SmartWatch-Bands Available To Buy At Discount Price [GearBest Offers]

This year in 2015 we have although witnessed the introduction of smartwatches and smartbands made available through a variety of big manufacturers and local department as well. Well from Apple we have seen the hype with the Apple Watch, LG already has its own range of smartwatches, Samsung recently launched Gear S2 and Motorola unveiled circular Mto 360 wearable, and apart that what we are discussing about today is the best selling smartwatches and smartbands trending on gearbest.com, which is a Chinese e-commerce portal.


First off, we will speak about the Xiaomi MiBand – a Bluetooth 4.0 contolled smart bracelet and of course is also a watch comes with new features. It connects as a fitness tracker to your Android smartphones through Bluetooth 4.0 low-energy (BLE). It has sensors that monitors your fitness and tracks your sleep. Sport data recording, sleep quality monitoring, smart alarm clock wake up, calls reminder. It can even unlock your Mi phone without using any password, and more over it is a water-resistant and dust resistant rated with IP67. Battery stanndby it gives about for 30 days and has a built-in rechargable unit and runs on Android 4.4 KitKat and iOS 7.0 or above.

Don’t be confused about how MiBand support iOS. For that you have to just download this Compatible APK. Scan the QR to get apk.


In Brief:

The Mi Band consists of the oval-shaped tracking module which has a matte chrome finish and neat, chamfered edges and a (default) black or colourful, rubber band. Tthere is an option to choose left hand, right hand or neck placement so perhaps Xiaomi is working on Misfit-style necklace accessories too. Main competition at this price are $5 pedometers and well, just using Google Fit or Fitbit on your phone without a wearable device at all.

The Mi Band as a safe device with its Smart Lock feature. Got Reminder phone calls, which it has a very narrow 8mm cell, Military Motion sensor. Charging is quick – from zero to full in less than two hours – and easy enough with a proprietary cable which the tracking module slots into.

The Xiaomi MiBand is now available to purchase at GearBest.com for a price of $20.58 with free worldwide shipping.

The I5 Plus Smartwatch is another wrist wearable band which comes from Iwown, which is actually the successor of original I5 launched last year by the company. Specifications wise, it has a 0.91-inch OLED display with a screen resolution of 128×32 pixels, and a TouchScreen. The band/watch usually dims the display when it is inactive and if the wearer wants to look at the time, will need to just flick the wrist and the watch gets activated to show the time even under broad daylight.

It has a Sports and Fitness Tracking system, which helps wearer to calculate the number of steps run or walked using the built-in pedometer. The watch also caculates the number of calories burnt during the fitness session and eventually helps to achieve your goals by end of the day. With Sleep monitoring tech, the I5 Plus needs you to activate the sleep clock which notifies you to go to sleep. When you actually sleep, the watch automatically goes into sleep mode and starts calculating the time. Once you wake up and start stepping forward than a minute, it comes out of sleep mode and ends the timer. It is very useful and works as a alarm clock to wake you up with gentle vibrations, one of those features which seen in Mi Band.

The I5 Plus watch also notifies with the Caller Info. and number whenever your smartphone rings. Notification of your SMS displayed and can also be synced to your phone, when it is connected via Bluettoth. Remote Camera Trigger is another inclusion that is used to trigger smartphone camera shutter remotely, which is certainly a great feature for taking Selfie shots. It also has a Phone Finder. It can also help you to find your phone if misplaced, by send alert notification back to your smartphone.

The I5 Plus smartband watch is available to buy at GearBest.com at an affordable price-tag of $24.99. Great buy, because it actually cost $46 and you are getting a discount of $18 approximately.

The Vidonn X6 Smart Bracelet would be another pefect companion with its powerful activity tracking features, that comes with a OLED screen to show your latest notifications on the wrist screen. The activity tracker tracks your every movement throughout the entire day and comes with a whooping 15 days of standby time. It is certified with IP65 rating, which means it’s safe to use in a rainy day or dusty environment because as it got the certification of water and dust resistance.

It’s a very durable bracelet and is able to make you meet your goals. The smartband is easy to operate and the app is easy to work with. This Vidonn X6 is a Sports band and of course one of the most popular wrist-wearables in the market.


Specs In Brief:

  • Caller ID, SMS, Facebook and Twitter alerts on screen
  • All day and night activity and sleep tracking
  • Silent alarms
  • Touch key
  • 88” inch OLED screen
  • Extremely energy efficient, up to 15 days of standby
  • Seamless app integration
  • Automatic OTA firmware upgrades
  • Bluetooth 4.0 synchronization with smartphone
  • Compatible with IOS 7 and higher or Android 4.3 and higher

Price of the Vidonn X6 activity tracker is just $33,90, but if you buy it from GearBest.com, you’ll be able to get it at a discount price of $27.68 with free shipping and it’s trending product.

The V5S Smartband and Bluetooth wristband watch will be another competitor in the smartwatch segment in 2015’s top selling accessories on gearbest.com.

This Bluetooth enabled Wristband watch  comes in Black, Blue and Plum Color options. Measures in at 9.04 x 0.79 x 0.43mm and weighs 20 grams. It has a rectangular shaped dial made out of polycorbonate materials, which is built with silicon straps that fits perfectly with your wrist. More over, the V5S smartband watch is equipped with USB charging Cable and English, Chinese user manual.

If looking for budget wristband watch than the V5S Bluetooth Smartband is the gear to go for.
It is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones, and it comes with a dedicated ORACOM app that take control over different functionalities of the watch, which can be installed simply by scanning the QR code. Apart from the basic Date, Time, Alarm Clock, the V5S watch has many modes. The sports tracking inclusion records steps, calories used, distance traveled etc.. that will eventually keep track on updated terms of fitness and health.

The V5S is also capable of monitoring different type of sleeps that include the sleep Quality, Deep Sleep, Light Sleep and so on. User will be able to control smartphone to take photos from your wrist. It has an OLED Display and has vibration alerts that reminds the wearer in case of calls or message.

The wristband V5S smartwatch also has two way anti-lost functionality, while it will not vibrate if the sleep monitoring mode is on. With a 70mAh battery built-in, gives the smart-wearable band up to 15 to 20 days of standby time. Supports Bluetooth 4.0 and sports a Unisex design.

The V5S smartband Bluetooth watch is now available on GearBest.com at a discounted price of $10.96 US dollars with free worldwide shipping.

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