Apple Watch Series 2 Announced: Features, Specs, Price And Release Date


Everything you need to know about Apple made official Apple Watch Series 2. Here are its features, price and release date info, regarding second-gen Apple Watch.

It took two years for Apple to introduce an upgraded version of its first-generation Apple Watch. Finally having confirmation at the second-generation Apple Watch which is referred to as the Aple Watch Series 2. Our first glimpse!

Despite the fact that the next iteration of the Apple’s smartwatch device wasn’t expected at the company’s fall event, which is usually set aside for the more dominant iPhone lineup. Maky likely expected Apple would want its most popular product to share stage time with its wearable, but it happened and witnessed.

Availability of the new Apple Watch have been laid bare, and we’re going to give you rundown of all three features and price details right here.


The Series 2 Apple Watch now has a new range of models. In addition to the stainless steel and aluminum builds, the Apple Watch Series 2 gets white ceramic build as well. There’s now the Apple Watch Edition, which replaces the 24K gold plated version.

Apple has also announced a new Hermes range for the Watch Series 2 with new bands: Singe Tour, Double Tour, Single Tour Deployment Buckle and Double Buckley Cuff. Partnered with Nike, Apple to introduce the Apple Watch Nike+ model which “pairs with exclusive Nike Sport Band color combinations including Black/Volt, Black/Cool Gray, Flat Silver/White and Flat Silver/Volt.



Apple Watch Series 2 Specs / Features


The Apple Watch Series 2 is instantly recognizable as the older brother of Apple’s first wearable. Also, doesn’t mean that Apple hasn’t made any changes where they were needed. But the Series 2 is completely re-engineered from the inside out, with the only exception being the ceramic white Apple Watch Edition.

Uses New Processor

The Apple Watch Series 2 as expected is now packing a Dual-Core S2 CPU which makes it 50% faster than its older sibling. There is a new GPU that brings 2x the performance of the first-gen Apple Watch as well when compared to Series 2 Watch.


On the Apple watch Series 2, there’s now 2x brighter display than its older sibling coming in with a brightness of 1000 nits.

GPS / Battery Capacity

Buyers of the Apple Watch Series 2 will get a smartwatch with an integrated GPS chip inside for activity and location tracking independently of a connected iPhone or iOS device. The watch also stores GPS data locally making it easy to user get started with your run or workout session almost instantaneously without having to worry about getting a GPS lock.

Battery life is always been a big concern with any mobile device or be it a wrist wearable. Apple might not be anywhere near solving battery issues, but when operating system in conjunction with a more efficient watchOS 3, it should give an elusive everlasting improvement in uptime.



Apple makes no secret of the fact that it likes to get the most out of its products by merging hardware and software altogether in perfect unison. With that said, the Apple Watch Series 2 will instantly benefit from all sorts of improvements brought about with the release of watchOS 3. With a significant and instant app loading times, new watch faces and experiences on offer, this new Apple Watch has it all, thanks to watchOS 3.

Fully Waterproof

With your new Apple Watch Series 2 attached to your wris, you can jump into the pool or sea. Gone are the worries of getting overly excited. It seems that the world is fixated on making mobile devices waterproof, and Apple has properly impelled with Apple Watch Series 2. The watch is now good for wearing while swimming, diving into water from a height, and can stand a depth of 50m. There’s still a redesigned speaker set here, which can work to pump out the water collected into that space. Clever!




Anyone purchasing the Apple Watch Series 2 might want to manage your expectations when it comes to its accessories. Nothing new here, actually. As expected, to bolster the Apple Watch 2 proposition, Apple has announced a slew of new Apple Watch bands to accompany the launch.

Price & Release Date

Apple Watch Series 2 could be new and shiny, but the price-tag to accompany is still there for all to see. First Apple Watch wearers looking to upgrade and waiting for Apple to announce this new version, can expect to part with upwards of $369 for the 38mm model and $399 for the 42mm one.

Also that Apple is upgrading the first-gen Apple Watch with the new Dual-Core processor and calling it the Apple watch 1. The Series 1 will now come in at a starting price $269 for the 38mm variant and $299 for the model 42mm.

The Stainless Steel Apple Watch Series 2 is now beginning at $549 and $599 for the 38mm and the 42mm models. While the new Apple Watch Edition (ceramic) starts at $1,249 for the 38mm model and $1,299 for the 42mm variant. The Apple Watch Nike+ comes in at $369 for the 38mm model, and $399 for the 42mm model.

Apple Watch Nike+ will be available for pre-orders from September 9 with availability expected in late October. Apple Watch Hermès will be available starting September 23, Apple also describes the pricing as:

Apple Watch Hermès is available in two different case sizes, 38 mm and 42 mm. The 38 mm Single Tour is $1149 (US); 42 mm Single Tour is $1199 (US); 38 mm Double Tour is $1299 (US); 42 mm Single Tour Deployment Buckle is $1399 (US); and 38 mm Double Buckle Cuff is $1499.

Pre-orders for the Apple Watch Series 2 starting September 9th with deliveries expected to begin September 16th in the following countries: “Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, UAE, the UK and the US.”

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