Apple Watch Tops Rolex And Other Premium Watchmakers In Luxury Brand Rankings

According to an analysis of social media mentions and expression of consumer declaration across 700 million posts has placed Apple Watch on top of the desirable chart numbers of premium watchmarkers. Bests Rolex, Apple Watch versus a variety of smartwatch makers and grabs the spot in the “watches” category, but it still managed to fend off competition from some well-established iconic watch manufacturers.


Analytics firm NetBase has used the huge collction of social postings and sentiments to essentially rank products and companies in an order delivered by what actually consumers thinking about them based on what they are willing to say publicly. In fact the listing contains companies and products that are generally associated with the luxury niche. Taking number that seriously imprssive feat made for the Apple Watch in the “watches” segment. Not only its the only intelligent smartwatch in the run down, but also because Apple Watch been available for less than an year and has clearly managed to resonate with owners in that short term.

What you would say about number one rankings here is essentially means that the company ranks the Apple Watch ahead of the likes of Rolex, Tag Heuer, Richemont, Patek Phillipe, and a host of other premium brands – assiciated with the creme-de-le-creme of watch manufacturing. With a fairly impressive ranking, Apple has come out as an overall company at #4, but the company dropped by two places compared to last year.

Overall rankings of #13 for the Apple Watch and #11 for the iPhone meant that Apple was able to position itself as the fourth most luxury brand in the world.The title of top luxury brand was given to the Chanel, the French company responsible for premium and luxury goods and fashion accessories. This time around, Apple would look into why the iPad dropped off this annual list entirely after being ranked relatively high in last year’s analysis. Could achieve its ranking betterly after introducing an all-new brand of iPad Air 3 in March.

The team of executives with Apple will be highly pleased with the fact that the Tim Cook’s company is being recognized as a premium brand. Regardless to say, it might not want to publicly aknowledged that internal thinking. Partnerships with Hermes, as well as aggressively pursuing and hiring the former CEO of Burberry pretty much graced the fact that Apple sees itself as a premium offering in the consumer electronics space.

Still got no idea on how the company opeates and the products it releases, that this is the exact direction it really wants to continue in.

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