This Comex Hack Makes Apple Watch To Run Web Browser [Video]

Comex, a popular jailbreak hacker and all around clever guy has managed to make a web browser load on an Apple Watch and released a video. Evidently, this will be the first one performed on a newly released Apple smartwatch, and in proving himself has cracked and alterred something internally to run Web browser on Apple Watch. What is it? How it works? More details can be grabbed right after this break.

The Apple Watch (Parody)-Hacked

First and foremost, Apple wearable doesn’t natively allow the loading of wen pages, but Comex’s video shows that doesn’t always mean you can’t check out a web page or two. Says, the Watch OS based in UIKit but the SDK does not currently allow the running off native code by default. Apparently, he has found a way to get around that restriction (jailbreak, could be) and then in progression make a web page available on Apple Watch.

apple watch dictionary view

One thing is imminent that we don’t expect Apple to be adding Safari to Watch OS any time soon. In fact, it’s arguable as to whether anyone really wants to be able to browse web pages on their wrist anyway, though we may have some reasons it may be useful in a pinch. Considering anyone using an Apple Watch must have an iPhone hands-on, we’re not sure why they wouldn’t just use that though.

However! Check out Comex’s video yourself and have a think about what you might use a web browser for it the Apple Watch did indeed have one.

Apple Watch on the other hand launched on April 24th and have proven popular even without a web browser built-in inside. Apple Stores still don’t offer Apple Watch for purchase due to stock shortages and the online Apple Store is still behind on existing orders, too. Runs on iOS 8.2, followed by the release of iOS 8.3 already and iOS 8.4 Beta 1 as well. Jailbreak status still stucked in iOS 8.1.2 and iOS 8.2 beta 2. People waiting for an untethered iOS 8.x jailbreak, and we will be updating it here if, when its released.

(source: Comex [Twitter])

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