Domino’s Apple Watch App Brings One-Tap Pizza Ordering Right From Your Wrist

Starting today, you can now place order of your favorite Domino’s Pizza through a simple tap right from the wrist using Apple Watch. Everyone with the Apple’s smartwatch on their wrist can do so, as Domino’s has attempted to do this by enabling ordering as easy as possible with an update to its popular Apple Watch app.

Request a Texas BBQ from your wrist. If you’re a Pizza addict, then here’s now a faster way to get some fresh slices hurtling towards your front door. As Domino’s enabling you wearing an Apple Watch to place an order of one or many. Companies like Domino’s that offer such services need to stay relevant at the start of a year which is usually full of people shunning those high-carb meals. If Dmino’s hapens to excite your taste buds this is perfect news for you.

The company has updated its Apple Watch app with “Easy Order,” a feature that lets you set up a specific basket and then, when hunger strikes, order it again with a single tap. Unlike many other take-out joints, Domino’s is pretty well known with pizza fans across the world who regularly flock to these joints to enjoy their favorite type of pizza and rely on Domino’s delivery service. By offering a one-tap pizza ordering system, Domino’s pizza delivery can be had with a single tap on the wrist.

Quick access to your favorite list? In order to set it all up Domino’s is inviting users to go through a set up process via their account on the company’s official website. If you’re new to the whole experience, you’ll need to visit the website first to set up your order. The app then links to that account and pulls in the favorites. Chances are if you’re a regular consumer of Dominos’ pizzas then you’ll already have this set up. Once that’s done, you will be able to use the “Easy Order” feature on your Apple Watch.

You can even track the exact status of your ordered pizza and how it’s coming along in the process. Has the order been accepted? Is it currently in preparation? Has it been baked? Does the delivery driver have it? These are things we all need to know in real-time, whatsoever called tracking, but let’s not get carried away here.

Useful if you’re nursing a hangover and can’t remember where you left your iPhone the night before. Track the status of your Domino’s pizza on Apple Watch app. The Easy Order functionality is initially limited to certain parts of the world for the time-being, including the U.S. Enjoy!

(Download: Domino’s Pizza USA for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch from the App Store)

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