Google Announces Games In Motion, Designed With The Addition Of Fitness To Make Fun On Your Wrist

In order to add some fun to the exercise, Google has just announced an open source sample to GitHub which utilizes a handful of Android elements to demonstrate to developers how they can eventually create fun games using Google Fit and Android Wear. Games in Motion, is such addition comes with a set of sample code from Google that gives developers an idea on how to integrate additional smartwatch functionality to make working out a little better. More details on the newly launched Games in Motion for Android Wearables can be grabbed right after this break.


The Games in Motion tends to enhance your exercise by making it more fun and exercise. For instance, it allows you to undertake missions and actions while feeding your running data to the cloud Drive. Sessions, whatever it could be done through Games in Motion will be updated directly to Google Fit, and you have no choice to worry about anything losing your data. Sends to your Android Wear device while at the same time displaying your current run statistics – miles ran, duration, etc on your phone and logging them to the cloud using Google Fit API. With Games in Motion developers will be able to have users complete tasks on their wrist, while their workout data is still being recorded in the background.

It uses different APIs to create an immersive experience, thus the notifications are even sent to your internet-connected devices using Android Wear. Google Play Games services also creates and unlocks your achievements. Multiple Android technologies are used in Games in Motion, which is written in Java using Android Studio.

Here are those technologies used on Games in Motion:

  • Android Wear bridges notifications from a phone or tablet to a paired Android Wear device. The notifications are stacked so we can show multiple stats at the same time.
  • Google Fit API collects and processes fitness data and sessions. This allows us to use the fitness data to show user progress. All exercise sessions done in Games in Motion will be recorded to Google Fit as well.
  • Google Play Games Services is used to create and unlock achievements.
  • Several different Android audio APIs are integrated.
  • JUnit tests are present for the data-driven parser, which demonstrates how unit testing can be done within Android Studio.

Interested ones can be able to get the download links of the latest open source release, you can have from the link provided below.

Download Games in Motion for Android Wear from here. Learn more about which Google APIs and technologies the company used in it here.

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