Google Play Music Update Gives You Full Control Over Android Wear Music Syncing

Now that Google has launched free ad-supported Radio streaming service with its Play Music in the U.S. and the latest version of Music 6.0 adds option to all over manage and take control over music that synsc through Android Wear devices according to a user at Reddit noticed that after updating.


The newst update v6.0.1942S of Google Play Music brings greatly improved control over the downloaded albums or playlists that sync with your Android Wear, when connected. Yu no longer just have the all or nothing option, where the check of a box told Play Music to either send every single thing you have downloaded to your watch or your watch gets nothing. Instead, you can tell Play Music which albums and playlists you want sent over.

Now, users get the option to select which songs they want to sync and which audio file they want to exclude. It comes bundled with Android Wear companion app vserion 2.0 with download manager for music that is synced to your smartwatch. You will see a new “Manage Wear downloads” option underneath the box to “Download to Android Wear.” If opened that setting, you will be taken to a page that shows the storage state of your Android Wearable, along with  the playlists or albums you have already downloaded that are up for tranbsferring over.

The indicators fills up as the tracks sync and you can just tap any of the choosen song in order to remove them from syncing. Disturbing is that every single music file you download will automatically start syncing with your watch and will have to be removed it manually or stop syncing. The list also shows the size of each album or playlist to help you better manage Wear storage.

OK, Google Play Music is now updated and brings the ability to manage Android Wear music syncing. Expected to see that search giant add an option to customise this as well with the next update. Happy listening and syncing!

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