Lenovo Issues Invite For Moto 360 2 Unveiling On September 8th

Lenovo has finally took its official Weibo account to introduce Motorola’s second-generation Moto 360 Android Wear smartwatch on September 8th. After a number of rumors and leaks, we officially got the launch date for the new Moto 360 watch and will take place in Shanghai, accompained by the words “It’s Time“.

The teaser however confirms the design spotted in leaked images over the past weeks, complete with the new 2 o’clock physical button, sideby the rose gold color inthe invitation, and the 2nd-gen Moto 360 wearable is also expected to arrive in silver and black options.



Reports allegedly suggests that the smartwatch will be available in two different sizes and brands which points at Moto 360 L with lightly larger 1.55-inch display with a 375mAh battery, 46mm dial and a 22mm strap. Another one is the Moto 360 S, which will feature a 1.37-inch display and pack a 270mAh battery with a dial size of 38mm and the strap size of 20mm.

Both aforementioned variants are expected to come in 2 different case colors and bands and will show up slimmer body when compared to the original Moto 360, also come with “flat tire” design. If the speculations are to be believed then Motorola Moto Sport is also be witnessed at the event, will be available in black, white and orange colors and may arrive in November to purchase.



Specs-wise, the sport watch version is expected to boast a hybrid display for better outdoor viewing, 3ATM water resistance, GPS location tracking, and a barometer, as per the leaks and soon be wrapped off. Stay tuned!

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