Meet Lenovo Smart Cast: Smartphone Case That Turns Any Surface Into Touchscreen, Smartwatch With A “Magic View”; Details

Lenovo has introduced the world with its new Smart-phone projecting concept which has a built-in laser projector at the Tech World. With infrared motion detector, laser projecting source and high-performance algorithims to offer a virtual projection, the company has built-in and called it Lenovo Smart Cast. Compared to Pico-Projector, this new one for smartphone is a bit worthy and be the first ever technology combination opens a new world of interaction, as the company says. How it is useful for smartphone users and what exactly it is essentially packing can be grabbed right after this fold.


Evidently, it can be used to project a touchscreen on any surface or on a table to type with a virtual keyboard for better productivity, since this projector case can also be rotated easily, as well as a smartwatch that can project an interactive surface 20 times the size of its display. Later on you can even watch Movies using such projecting tec, or can be used for presentations or nevertheless, can also play games like Fruit Ninja using hang gestures on the surface or cast onto the wall.

Apart this we have to also talk about the Magic View, which was conceptualized by the company to overcome the restrictions that come with the smartwatch’s small display. Now that the company has built a “virtual interactive’ secondary display that shows the smartwatch screen almost 2o times larger than the original size. By enabling users to see Maps, Photos on a bigger screen, and according to Lenovo CEO Peter Hortenius, it has more than 120 patents, developed especialy to bring this innovative into existince, live.

It uses optical reflection to create a virtual image and allows users to see a virtual display more than 20 times larger than the watch face display. For example, they can follow a map, view photos or even watch a video,” the company explains.

However, Lenovo hasn’t revealed any specifications regarding this smartphone concept or no words on when to expect the product in the market. It is unclear whether this video interactive display will be embedded into future Motorola smartwatches or will introduce into its own branded waerables. Before you leave, please have a look at how watch used to demonstrate Magic View – similar to Moto 360.


Check the video below:

Finally, Lenovo Smart Cast is the first projector smartphone that will easily enable you to make any flat surface into a touchscreen right from your smartphone. Lenovo’s own gesture recognition software is then used to interpret actions like gesture recognition, clicking, sliding and even multi-touch. Using it, users can transform their wall into a movie theatre and for transformative video chat, they can project content onto the wall while viewing different content simultaneously on their smartphone screen.

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