Meet MIFONE W15: A TPSiV Anti Allergy Smartwatch With 2.5D Curved Sapphire Touch Screen On Sale For $32.99

Smartwatch, is one of the best wrist wearable that makes your computing solution pretty easier than using a smartphone and that too when you have all the best features included in a wearable and available at a more affordable price, far beyond less than buying an Apple Watch. The MIFONE W15 is the new gadget in the smartwatch era equipped with the most powerful hardware specs and key features makes you cahnge your mind going the wearable way. Why that so? Check it for yourself right now!

It’s built with the strongest prospective casing”Sapphire Glass,” MIFONE W15 comes with 2.5D curved sapphire touch sceen and most importantly it bring with it a health related anti allergy strap for the smartwatch.

Offer: MIFONE W15 2.5D Curved Touchscreen Smartwatch From

Wearables, that too wrist strapper are already available in the market, which comes from a variety of manufacturers, and with the likes f Samsuung, Motorola, ASUS, LG and recently came from Apple as Watch, which also comes with a Sapphire display and other sensors and goes on sale at a premium way and it only works with iOS devices, usually not only the Apple Watch works with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, but all the other connectivity option only support iOS devices and desn’t pair with other handsets based on Android, Windows Phone handsets.

Now that the MIFONE W15 smartwatch is ready to grab, we have some specs detailed below.

1. It has a 2.5D curved sapphire touch screen and on MIFONE W15, it has become the representive and high-end products in a mobile phone industry. The streophonic effect of the watch screen and phone body is strionger. It got a smooth transition when you swipe your finger over the 2.5D screen edge, not longer feel the traditional stopping.


2. The MIFONE W15 smartwatch has an anti-allergic safe strap which is made of purely imported TPSiV materials, is the European food-grade standard, and also one of the best elastic material in the world, protects your wrist from allergy. Still got Excellent UV resistant and anti-allergic function, effectively reduce skin sensitive phenomenon.


3. It would be the best watchband when considering its design and comfort. It is thin, soft and comportable to wear on yur wrist. The ouster surface with fine lines and  oblique grid texture, takes into account the permeability problems of inner intimate contact between the strap and wrist skin, the wavy and concave-convex design is employed to guarantee the maximum effect of permeability.

Other specification includes smart bright scree, exclusive technology used and packs a high-capacity battery. The MIFONE W15 smartphone makes a beautiful appearance. Exclsuive tracking and display tech and display technology on yur wrist to see the time that you can feel the owners demand for smartwatches. With 4.35V high-pressure and higher capacity lithium-ion plymor battery, MIFONE W15 is integrated with 405mAh high power battery unit, with Seiko protection board for double protection, it supports 0 volt charging.


Mifone W15 comes with an integrated Mobile U disk function of 128M U disk, which is also equipped with a 3D sensor and gryo pedomoter preloaded.

Pedometer helps in tracking of steps and it helps in measuring physical activity of an individual. Also it has call reminders, phone-book sync, find phones, Bluetooth communication, recording, alarm clock, stopwatch etc.

It has a buil-in MP3 music, one can play directly without connecting with the phone. Connectivity option includes an Global universal standard Micro-USB charging port, compatible with iOS and Android phones via Bluetooth pairing and you won’t be installing other App on the mobile to make it sync, which is convinient for users.


CPU on the MIFONE W15 smartwatch is 900MHz ARM9 and coupled with 64MB of SRAM, has built-in 12W speaker and unfortunately has only 128Mb of NOR flash ROM.

Interested: You can now purchase MIFONE W15 2.5D Curved Sapphire Smartwatch through, as it is offering it at just $32.99 respectively.  Actually it costs $48.42, so you get it with a 32% discount with free shipping from Gear Best. Offer last within 4 days, hurry!

Buy it from here. Colors of the MiFone W15 Smartwatch available: Orange, Chacolate, Purple, Sapphire Blue and Black.

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