New Interactive Apple Watch Gallery Now Lets You Mix And Match Custom Designs

Apple following Motorola-style of customization? Just made an interesting change to the Apple Watch section on its official website, then. Updated! This new change made by Apple now makes it a lot easier for those looking to purchase an Apple Watch to visualize the exact watch case and band combination which they may want to get. For customers, Apple has replaced the old basic scrolling Galalery section of the site with more flexible one consiting of three tabs that enables users to mix and match Cases, Bands, and Faces. Apple Watch wearers can now onwards try out different watch styles and find the look they really want.

Called Apple Watch Gallery and accessible at, it lets potential buyers virtually drive watch case, band and watch face combination to help them decide which model they exactly want to get onto their wrist.

Visitors to the Gallery section can now click back and forth between the various options to experiment with different styles. As the user chooses those options, the online tool keeps a track of each individual element and displays it in plain text below the customization of the Apple Watch. Allowing potential buyers to put together the exact Apple Watch combo that they like the look of, and then make a note of the eaxct specification before purchasing it via the usual mechanisms.

Existing Apple Watch owners may also find themselves with the updated section more useful, should they want to buy additional bands for their own custom wearable. The custom-design experience includes all of the Apple Watch bands, even the latest Woven Nylon bands and new colors for currently available bands like the Modern Buckle, Classic Buckle, and Sport Band, all of which were announced at Apple’s Spring 2016 event recently in Cupertino.

Note: The new collections of almost 26 different combinations are available to purchase on the Apple online store that you can view here.

With this move, Apple isn’t reinventing the wheel here or doing anything revolutionary, but what it’s doing is making it a lot easier for consumers to work through the multiple case and band types that are on sale as part of the Apple Watch range. While the Cupertino-based company will radically hoping that this custom-design tool for the product will make that choice a lot more easier for potential buyers.

Apple Watch Gallery Lets You Custom Design Your Own Model


Try it out now! Customize, visualize and then buy your own design at.

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