Pebble Announces Launch Of Native Fitness Tracking App “Pebble Health” For Its Watch

In order to not to use third-party apps to get health and fitness data on the Pebble smartwatches, the company has announced the launch of its new native fitness tracking app, called Pebble Health. With timeline integration, Pebble making it the first time users to track their daily activity, such as steps taken and sleep and more.

Developed in partnership with researchers at Stanford University, Pebble Health allows users check out, instead of just showing the user’s progress to the standard 10,000 steps goal, the app also adjusts daily goals based on the users’ previous day of activity. So, users can strive for each day to be healthier than the last.

Pebble Health is certainly be part of the company’s Firmware 3.8 update, which is available for Pebble Time, Time Steel and Time Round smartwatches. The built-in activity system displays pins in the user’s timeline that feature progress updates and tips to keep the user on track. This includes seeing how many hours of sleep the user got when they wake up in the morning, or the best time to get in a quick workout based on scheduled meeting in the calendar. Data is then displayed in weekly graphs in the watch’s app, and indeed users can access their goals and progress over time.

What’s important to note is that although some Pebble wearables will now be able to track activity, which won’t feature a heart rate sensor. Now that, the team at Stanford University’s new wearable health lab has helped developed the algorithims for accurate activity tracking. Users of the older models can still use third-party apps like Jawbone in order to track their health and fitness.

Individuals who use Pebble Health will also be able to share their fitness data to Apple Health or Google Fit to get even more insights into their health.

To access Pebble Health, you’ll need to update the Pebble smartphone app and install it on the watch for the app to start tracking. Pebble also announced that it will allow developers to build apps and watchfaces to create visualizations of the data early next year.

Currently, there is no way to directly see the amount of steps taken on the smartwatch face, so this may be one of the main tasks developers take on when a new version of its software development kit is released in January.

Pebble Health Stanford Smartwatch Fitness Tracker App

The Firmware 3.8 software update from Pebble is now available in the Google Play Store, with Apple’s iOS App Store expected soon.

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