Samsung’s Next Smartwatch To have A Round Screen; Confirms In Press Release

Wrist-wearables are somewhat trending these days, Apple Watch already up for pre-order and App Store goes live as well, and when speaking about smartwatch from Samsung, has already released a lot so far, but it’s reportedly taking its time with the next smart-wearable, wanting to get it just right. Codenamed Orbis, and the device will be sold as the Gear A, and  now, it has been confirmed to have a round screen, unlike all of its predecessors. More details on Samsung’s next round-screened Smartwatch can be checked right after this fold.

The new device Orbis (aka Gear A) has so far leaked many times, and today, Samsung has actually confirmed that it will have a round display, and in fact the Korean giant did the deed through an official press release unveiling that the software development kit (SDK) for its next smartwatch will be out before the wearable itself launches.

Done in a bid to convince developers to write apps for the new wrist-bound watch, and create as many of those as available staright from its release date. Developers who are interested to take part in this creation can sign up at a dedicated website, and wait for Samsung to contact them with more details. The move away from a rectangular face would be a significant change for Samsung’s seventh smartwatch.

samsung-round-smartwatch“Samsung has actively adapted its approach to wearable device development as the leader of the rapidly developing category,” said JK Shin, CEO and Head of IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics. “Through meaningful and progressive innovation, Samsung welcomes to developers and industry leaders to join this open collaboration effort to enrich and create unique user experiences for a new smart mobile life.”

The giveaway will only be the image attached to said press release, which features rounded app examples. Samsung is although planning to announce the Gear A, on which date is unknown at the moment.

Rumored specifications previously leaked of Gear A – powered by Samsung;s Exynos 7420 SoC, same one that integrated on Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. The Smartwatch will get a version with 3G connectivity and voice call support, and allegedly to sport a wireless charging on-board.


To get in on the developer preview SDK, developers can head to and sign up with Samsung. New Android Wear software on the horizon, and Apple Watch is about to hit the store shelves, we bet will see a big competition between round smartwatches in the future.

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