See How Two Magnets Crushed This $10,000 Gold Apple Watch; Video In Action

Here where you can have a look at an 18k Apple Watch gold edition costs almost 10 thousand dollars, has been destroyed by two magnets by crushing it.


Before we actually go to the action replay, we have to say its won’t be the first one you are watching it live in action, but of course there are many hands-on videos out there publshed already, making you decide whether to buy it or not, beacuse they’re a bit highly priced. YouTubers like Taras Maksimuk, better known as TechRax, come in with his own shootout. His past exploits include shooting gadgets with tanks, boiling them in Coca-Cola or dropping them in lava lamps etc.

Beyond the oft-mentioned destroying, TechRax has also done some durability drop tests, which can actually be quite handy if you’re a dolt in the market for a new smartphone. TechRax was having palns to destroy an Apple Watch last month, and according to Gizmodo, he hinted that a special form of torture might be in store. It’s one of the biggest YouTube career risks he’s ever taken, that’s all be a success.

Finally he made it, and here’s an outrageously expensive Apple Watch getting crushed with the force of two incredibly powerful, neodymium magnets.

(Source: YouTube)

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