The Un-Announced Apple Watch Charging Dock Shows Up In Apple Video

Officially when Apple released a new video regarding its contributions and environmental protection, it appears to showcase all kinds of things ranging from data centers to the production methods used when creating things like iPhones and Apple Watches. One stationary that was noticed during the lengthy video was a never-before-seen charging doc for Apple’s new smartwatch. Details about the yet-unannounced Apple Watch charging dock can be grabbed after this jump.

In a portion of the video detailing chargers for Apple devices ranging from the iPhone, new MacBook, Apple also showed a stainless steel Apple Watch being dropped on a stationary charging dock. Guess what! The apparently new and unannounced charging dock appears when a watch is placed down onto it from above.

The charging dock was however is noticeably different than the charger that’s included with the Apple Watch, which could coincide be an official Apple alternative to the third-party Apple Watch stands and docks that are about to hit the store shelves. Appearing to be larger than the magnetic charging cable that comes with every Apple Watch, which shown also looks to be of a white coloring whereas the cable everyone will use to charge their watches is a silver one.

Although, there have been a plethora of third-party charging docks appear online over the last few weeks, and the only thing close to a dock for the Apple Watch is that we know about is the charging stand and box that comes with the Apple Watch Edition, but so far there has not been any sign of an official Apple product.

Accessory in the Apple video included charger has a silver metal exterior around the sides, the one from the video appears to be a white plastic material. Also appears that the white frame is a plastic stationary dock that the included meta charger could be placed within, most likely weighted with a heavy material such as Zinc to prevent slippage.

If Apple expected to make the dock available for sale alongside its new wearable, then we see no reason for it to hold the dock backend. Possibility is that this is a special internal accessory like the metal chargers used in Apple Stores.

If you do want a charging dock for your new Apple Watch we suggest you start checking out the usual third-party candidates rather than wait for Apple to do you iterate.

(via: 9to5Mac)

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