This Is What Apple Watch 2 Look Like [Sleek Concept]

Although the second-face of Apple Watch sales hasn’t started yet which is expected to make its debut in India on November 6. Apple’s initial attempt at penetrating the smartwatch market has now been available for approximately seven months. As consumers continue to wax lyrical about the intelligent timepiece, Apple continues to introduce the wearable into new markets across the world as part of additional launch waves. But we can satisfy ourselves with this next-generation Apple Watch 2 concept.

This essential concept for the Apple Watch particularly focuses on the initial aesthetics of the product. The designer behind this concept is proposing a new sleeker and thinner design with a display that seems to dominate the whole body of the gadget thanks to much thinner bezels. Followed by the propsed new technology built into the OLED display that produces more vivid colors and provides better visibility for those inclement lightning conditions.

If the hardware redesign of the exterior isn’t enough to keep your interested, then you will be offered with the integrated camera that would bring a whole new dimension to the initiative product and indeed win it a lot more fans. The proportion would be of a 1.2-megapixel FaceTime camera module that would perfectly make use of Apple’s video-calling platform which has nevertheless proven so popular on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac.

The concept made by Eric Huismann and we hope Apple takes some cues from this cool design and could poentially introduce a new array of models that are built from new materials, and quite possibly be offered in an additional 45mm size.


Huismann has introduced the new comer with a rounded edges to give the gadget a lower profile on your wrist. The idea of building sensors directly into the bands of the second-generation Apple Watch which would exist to monitor the wearer’s body temperature among other things, also includes blood-pressure and body-temperature sensors in the pin of the Sports band. It’s highly unlikely that a lot of these suggestions would ever make into Apple’s next iteration of the Apple Watch – given how Apple’s like to play it safe – but there are a few suggestions that could eventually become a reality.

Integration of even more waterproof casing than the one in current-gen Apple Watch model would surely resonate with those considering purchasing the Watch, as would the addition of a GPS module and improved WiFi capabilities; key features that are already being speculated by various analysts.

It’s would not be going to be long now until we actually start to see and hear about leaks from Apple’s official supply chain in relation to the next-generation Apple Watch. 2016?

(Source: Eric Huismann [Google Translate])

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