Turn Your Apple Watch To Gold Edition Without Paying $10,000 [Video]

You don’t have to spend multi-thousand dollars to buy a gold Apple Watch, where is each watch case is crafted from 18-k gold plating, but the display goes with a sapphire crystal. But the thought of spending Apple Watch Edition money on the gold model has most of us coming out in a cold sweat, but nevertheless you won’t be paying out that much if you watch this ultimate video. More details on how to Turn Your Apple Watch Gold can be checked right after this fold.


If thinking about purchasing an Gold Watch Edition toting millionaire without? As it turns out, there’s always a better path than selling your car to buy one. Only having an Apple Watch Sport money to spend, someone found the answer to that little conundrum was to go out and buy that Sport and then take a spray can to it. Believe me, it sounds little tricky, but still, you pays your money, you takes your choice as one 1980s rock band famously said.

Take a cue from Casey Neistat, who released this video yesterday showing us how any common man with a steady hand can turn an ordinary Apple Watch gold. The resultant Apple Watch looks pretty decent, and goes for a real golden Apple Watch too. Just made easy to transform an Apple Watch Sport into a Gold Watch – you too can make it a reality.


Find yourself with a spare Apple Watch Sport and happen to have a tin of gold spray paint within reaching distance one day. Unfortunately, there’s no video out there showing how and what to do.

Here’s how you can get a $10,000 gold Apple Watch for just $349 [Warned]

(Via: Mashable)

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