Snapchat Launches AR Games To Its App Called Snappables

When compared, Apple’s augmented reality is the best right now thanks to the arrival of ARKit. With that said, developers can now also produce something pretty impressive. In the similar feeling, Snapchat is also making new lenses with built-in games in the app with their friends, as is the company launching new lenses today, called “Snappables,” that lets users play games through touch, motion, or facial expressions.

Snapchat is the latest to join the party, building on its existing lenses by debuting Snappables, lenses that are well focused on making it possible for users to play games from within the app itself.

Here, the game sound similar to Snapchat’s Cuphead Lens, which lets you treat your friends as bosses to destroy. According to reports, users can add friends to a rock band, challenge them to an emoji dance-off, or play basketball. Users will find Snappable lenses near the existing Snapchat Lenses in the aptly named Lens Carousel, so it’s unlikely, too, that anyone will not spot their inclusion following today’s announcement.

All of the new lenses use augmented reality to place items on people in-frame, with some allowing users to make their friends look like they are part of 1960s bands or enjoying a party together. In fact, Snapchat wants to let you play its augmented reality Lenses, not just play dress-up. The newly launched Snappables – AR games that use your touch, motion, and facial expressions to compete for high scores or in literal head-to-head multiplayer match-ups.

Snappables live alongside Snapchat’s other Lenses and are rolling out globally this week. There are plenty more themes to choose from and the whole scenario is controlled either via facial expressions or by using good old-fashioned touch and gesture-based options.

Snappables live right where Lenses do. Just choose one and get your game face on! Then, invite your friends to play along too. Some Snappables let you challenge friends to beat your high score, while others can invite them to multiplayer games!

New games will be released each week, while favorites will stick around. Snap also points out that there will be new Snappable lenses added each and every week, hopefully, ensuring that the AR selfie games will not too old before another batch are made available. These are Snapchat’s first collaborative or shared Lenses that let you interact with another friend on their own phone, which thereby could create new opportunities for the app in the future.

Some of the Snappables previewed by Snapchat include an Asteroids-style space shooter, a bubble gum popping contest, a weightlifting one you play by straining your forehead, a kiss-blowing game, an egg-catching competition and a dance party. You can also see some of them in the video below. One person plays a Space Invaders-like game, another appears to be blowing bubbles, and another raises her eyebrows to lift a virtual barbell. New Snappables will be released every 7 days, Snap says.

It also wants to differentiate itself and prove how much more users can do on its platform versus on any other social network. Snapchat continues to battle it out with Instagram as a place where images can be shared socially, and additions like Smnappables are a good way of varying in an area where Instagram has continued to grow.

Instagram, Snap’s biggest rival or be a big competitor, hasn’t yet introduced games into its app or really invested in AR filters to the level that Snap has. Snappables might not be for me, but I am sure plenty of teens will spend hours playing with each other via Snapchat, as the games look like fun time-sucks. Still, Facebook already features in-platform games that it could potentially port over to Instagram.

To play Snappables, you select one of the game Lenses from the Snapchat camera and follow the on-screen instructions. Some play solo and try to get the highest score, while others let you invite friends to play simultaneously. You can send to a friend a Snap of you playing, which they can use to jump in and play too.

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