Snapchat Gains AR ‘Sky Filters’ For Adding Virtual Weather Effects To Photos

Snapchat is gaining a new feature called “Sky Filters,” which allows you to transform the sky above your head. This is Snapchat’s new augmented reality feature comes as another implementation of the tech that applies to the world. It not like the ones that added faces found in frames when you take a picture using Snapchat Lenses. Rather called ‘Sky Filters,’ and they can automatically detect sky in your images, and repaint them with totally different atmospheric looks.

The new Sky Filters are able to detect the sky in an image and then layer different Snapchat effects on top, much like the existing face-based filters. The new filters are rolling out starting today on iOS and Android.

Available filters will rotate on a daily basis and will include virtual weather, sunsets, stars, rainbows, storm clouds, and other Sky filters, according to Snapchat.

These new filters are available now like any other – provided Snapchat recognizes available sky in the frame. They all will show up when you swipe through the available filters along with any other post-capture.

For example, the new filters will be accessible with a swipe upwards on a photo like other filters so long as Snapchat consider the presence of a sky in the photo. In the future, Snapchat’s new filters will also be able to take advantage of advanced face tracking capabilities using the TrueDepth Camera in the iPhone X.

Snapchat keeps rolling out new implementations of AR within its app, including the recent debut of animated 3D Bitmoji. This interact with their environment, and in addition to that of World Lenses earlier this year to add other virtual objects and effects to the world around you.While the aforementioned won’t affect Snapchat’s environment-based filters, it will make the company’s face-related features far more realistic-looking.

You can download Snapchat updated version from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

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