Snapchat For iOS Rolls Back Some Interface Changes To Appease Disgruntled Users, More [Details]

Snapchat has released a redesigned interface for iOS users back in November which separates Stories of friends from brands. But that design was not accepted by loyal Snapchat app users and complained about the recent redesign.

Snap has unveiled its radical redesign in November last year with the goal of creating a personalized user experience that’s easier to navigate, especially for newcomers. But that change, unfortunately, didn’t go down well with many long-time users, so much so that 1.2 million of them signed a petition asking the company to walk back the UI changes.

Now, the company admits the fact that the new Snapchat was not satisfactory enough, so it is rolling out yet another well-designed interface into iOS platform.

Although the new Snapchat has felt uncomfortable for many, in response, the company went no further than to reassure users that they would eventually adapt to the changes over time. As it appears that the company has now decided to roll back at least some of the adjustments it originally made as part of last year’s redesign. For example, Snaps and Chats have gone back to appearing in chronological order, while Stories from friends have reverted to their original location at the right-hand side of the interface.

However, Snapchat now opens in camera mode, as it did prior to the redesign rollout. Users can again swipe left to view the latest friend post. Elsewhere, a separate subscriptions feed lets users search separately for stories by publishers and popular content creators.

There is a different Subscription feed so you can search more easily for Stories from popular creators or publishers. The changes co9me in an update to the iOS app that the company says is currently rolling out to users.

Snap originally made the changes to appeal to a broader demographic and expand its user base, only in the hope of fending off the threat of encroaching rivals like Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram.

In fact, the company’s first-quarter earnings suggest the strategy has so far failed to boost revenue, with Snap making less money per user despite having grown its global user base by around four million over the previous quarter.

The majority of iPhone users can head over to the iOS App Store in order to grab the update immediately, but Snap company didn’t mention any exact timeframe on when the update will be available for download to Android users.

(source: The Verge)

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