Snapchat Launches First Set Of Non-Skippable Video Ads

In the previous month, it was said that Snpachat is in the process of testing non-skippable advertisements. Now, the company has officially launched its first round of ads as part of that initiative…

According to the latest report, Snapchat today started rolling out its first collection of “forced-view” advertisements. In that rollout, the company added 6-second video ads that cannot be skipped at all by the user. The first ads promote things such as movies, Snapple, and Samsung’s Galaxy S9.

snapchat start sshowing ads viewers skip

Snapchat has relied entirely on skippable advertisements in the past, a business model that has since proven to be unsuccessful. The company first released video advertisements in 2014-15, and back then it was adamantly opposed to forcing uncontrollable ads upon users.

As per the release notes, Snapchat hopes that its force-view advertisements will definitely make it a more enticing platform for brands. One issue, however, is that the new rolling ads don’t link to longer videos or a website they’re simply 6-second videos that play and then immediately disappear, something like what HotStar channel does. This could make it hard for brands to track the effectiveness of their advertisements on Snpachat.

All things important to note that the new non-skippable advertisements only appear in Snapchat’s set of “Shows,” not in user-generated Stories. While Snapchat “Shows” are the episodic clips that the company produces in partnership with companies like NBC, Walt Disney, and Viacom.

With a controversial redesign paired with ever-increasing competition from Instagram, Snapchat is needing to monetize and improve user growth to please its investors.

At this point, currently, it’s unclear if Snapchat eventually plans to roll out its non-skippable advertisements to other areas of the application. Stay tuned for more updated!

(source: AdAge)

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