Snapchat Launches 3 Exclusive Face Filters For The iPhone X Use TrueDepth Camera

Snapchat is like a camera that’s connected to your friends and the world, lets you talk with them, view Live Stories from around the globe, and also explore in Discover more fun when you live in the moment. It already has over 180 million accounts registered and use it every day to talk, play, learn – and take some pictures, too. Now that Snapchat has launched a trio of new realistic-facial filters for app users running the software on Apple’s iPhone X flagship.

Filters for Snapchat make fantastic photos with Snapchat face effects, which are famous all over the world. The newly released three new filters for iPhone X make use of the information provided by the innovative TrueDepth camera hardware to place the filters more accurately and incredibly on a detected face.


A new update to the Snapchat app has added three secret filters that only iPhone X users can get access to. Actually, last year Apple teased the super smart Lenses at the iPhone X launch, but now they’ve finally gone live in the form of Snapchat filters.

Snapchat in general, the pioneer of augmented reality-based facial filters by a huge percentage of average device owners. All admit the fact that this type of technology existed prior to Snap Inc. integrating it into its app but that it really takes one big company with a huge following to bring the technology and functionality into the mainstream.

As part of that implementation, what would appear to be an attempt to take it to the next level and truly show what the technology is otherwise capable of. With these three new filters take the iPhone X and perfectly use the depth information provided by its TrueDepth camera system is in question to be redirected.

iPhone X owners can get new and improved filters that no one else can access. There are three mask-style Lenses to choose from; an old-school wrestling mask, a filter with a tiara, and a jeweled mask creation. All of these use the depth information to perfectly fit the mask to the contours of the users face, ensuring that it looks as close to being a real mask as is possible.

Unfortunately, the new Snapchat filters won’t show up for you if you have an old iPhone model. Instead, Apple’s iPhone X camera can sense depth by mapping 3D image of your face. That makes it possible to create Snapchat filters that fit your face much better. This means they look much more realistic compared to your bog standard Snapchat Lens.

The new capability is more impressive enough and will certainly appeal to iPhone X owners who will feel that they have a little something extra over other device owners. That’s because of Apple’s TrueDepth camera which is the same tech that lets you unlock the iPhone X using the Facial ID face recognition system.

However, Snapchat is also going a slight step further by using that same camera system to apply depth effects in real-time, similar to what Apple does with the Portrait Lighting more on iPhone X. It also powers Apple’s Animoji, the cutely animated emoji that move in sync with your own face.

Sadly, it’s impossible for Snapchat to add these high-quality filters to older iPhone models. It will only work if your phone has the specific Apple camera that boasts depth-sensing technology. As there has been no change in how these filters are accessed so iPhone X owners won’t have any new interaction methods or hidden gestures to learn.

Using the front-facing camera and tapping and holding on the screen will bring up the Snapchat filters that everyone knows and love. There are three brand new iPhone X filters, and remember, if you use the filter, then you are obliged to ensure that you share the creation with everyone in your social circles.

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