Snapchat Secretly Making SmartGlasses To Compete With Google Glass Vs. Microsoft HoloLens

What Snapchat seems to be exploring as being one of the top on the list of best social apps, possibility be a venture in to hardware, and if that’s the case to be real then this recent hiring details the whole development beyond the smartglasses – specticle-based wearable device. And not a VR?

Snapchat is looking forward to create revamped content marketing through Stories, redefine Journalism through Discover and rethink the selfie through Lenses, and this time around prepping tracking software features to mastering the hardware. With that said, the company is looking for people with experience in augmented reality and glass-wearable technology.

Details regarding hirings, Snapchat searching it from major augmented reality groups such as Microsoft’s HoloLens, PTCs (formally Qualcomm) Vuforia and eye-tracking software make Eyefluence that point to Snapchat’s likely development of a pair of Google Glass riva, smartglasses.

As per the CNET report, that suggests Snapchat has a lot more work to do than simply bringing it to different wearable platforms. Lured in several hires with augmented reality experience, like HoloLens project and the team from Qualcomm Vuforia, which comes after the company’s acquisition in 2014 of Vergence Labs, had developed a pair of camera-equipped smart glasses.

At consumer hardware release, Snapchat may seem to make no sense this time, but it does follow certain patterns set by Facebook and their $2 bilion acquisition of Oculus. There’s no doubt that the company is deeply involved into bringing augmented reality tech in to its platform or may build its own device to play in the compatition of augemented glasses technology.

Anything can happen in the future, then again, it could all be something else entirely. With Snapchat valuation of $16 billion and 100 million daily users online, it could just be enjoying its growth and simply exploring its possibilities with burgeoning technology.

Wait and see what actually Snapchat’s Smartglasses, if introduced will make you respect of. Versus Google Glass and Microsoft Hololens.

(Reports: CNET)

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