Facebook Adds iOS 9 Live Photos Support To Its iPhone App

It was been just under three months since Apple fans accompained with “Live Photos” with the iPhone 6s and now Facebook fans will soon be able to post those same moving images to their pages, assuming they can’t already.

Reports here claims that some people already have got the ability to post Apple’s Live Photos to Facebook, with the company saying that the feature will roll out to everyone in early 2016. Facebook is making it to its user base early access to company to gauge feedback and tweak ist servers in order to offer the best possible experience.

With Live Photos capturing moments before and after the shutter button is pressed, Live Photos are a cross between a video and GIF image, withthe result being either absurbly mundane or a thing of wonder, with the outcome very much depending on the subject of the photo itself. Kids or Children in particular make for exellent Live Photo subjects, but just about everything else? Not so much.

Once users do get the ability to post Live Photos to facebook, the process of adding so is identical to that of uploading and posting a standard image to the social network. Users who select a Live Photo during the upload process will be prompted whether to post it as a standard still image or else a Live Photo, given users the option to opt to post something static if they would rather go that route.

People on their Facebook timeline will be able to tell which images are Live Photos thanks to the now familiar concentric icon that will appear in the bottom-right of the image. Pressing and holding on the image will cause it animate, and that will be supported by all iOS 9 devices, not just that are capable of taking Live Photos in the first place.

Technically I don’t have access to Live Photo uploads feature in the Facebook app just yet, but who knows, you might. Yes! Let us know more on how you find the new feature if you do. Share!

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